Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello All,
Welcome to all the new folks that are joining us, welcome back to those returning.

First a general note: Everyone should make sure, regardless of what role you are being told to play, that you bring a range of clothing from casual to dressy. It has been brought to our attention that too many folks look too dressed up, so we want to be able to mix it up a bit.

We are now in the Spring in our story. So short and long sleeves still work. Light weight jackets and sweaters still work. Nothing too wintery at this point.
Color palette is one of Spring with the colors being softer and more muted and neutrals like tan, grey, etc. Nothing too bright or summery. Nothing with too busy a pattern. Small patterns and textures are good.

Rather than go into all the categories, I will do a general listing that I would like everyone to follow so that we have the ability to mix it up.

Bring options of the following types of clothing:
Business suits
Sport coats/blazers
dress shirts and blouses that work with suits
casual button front shirts and blouses, long and short sleeve
ties and scarves, other accessories
sweaters, both pullover and cardigan
khakis, slacks and skirts and jeans
hoodies and pullover casual shirts

Again, everyone please bring choices of everything listed above. This will help us get the look right. Thanks in advance for bring all the good stuff.
See you on the set!!

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