Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello everyone. Following you will find the specifics that we would like for the party scene that will be shot on Monday, 12th. We would like you to come by the Costume Dept on Tuesday, 6th, either between the hours of 11:00 and 2:00 or between the hours of 4:00 and 6:30. We are hoping that these lunchtime and after work hours will help accomodate your schedules and make it possible for everyone to be here. If you have not been to the Costume Dept, it is located at:
6935 Reames Rd
Charlotte, NC 28216
704-921-7551 Production Office Phone

We really want to be able to see what you have before the day of since this wardrobe is so specific. Your coming by on the 6th lets us know what colors and styles we are working with and might help us dictate what our principles wear. Please bring choices of the following when you come by the Costume Dept on Tuesday, 6th.

MEN The look here is one of Politicians and Lawyers, Powerbrokers and Lobbyists. Washington DC movers and shakers. The look is conservative and traditional. This party is a meeting of the elite and you should look the part. Men should all bring options fo dark business suits in Black, Navy, Charcoal Grey, etc. Subtle texture and striping will be fine, but nothing that is too obvious with bold pinstripes or other textures. Elegance is what we are after. You should bring white and cream colored solid shirts. Ties are the "make or break" piece of the ensemble. Bring your most sophisticated, most beautiful ties. As a rule the Varsity Stripe Tie is more of a school boy, less formal look. This is because there is usually a lot of blod contrast between the colors in this style of tie. Stripes are good; just keep the contrast in colors to a more subtle level. Other good choices will be patterns sjuch as paisley, medallions, crests, etc. An overly busy tie can look less expensive, so if in doubt, err toward the simpler side. Don't forget your dress shoes and dress belt to complete you look.

WOMEN Society ladies that really run the town. Politician and Lawyer wives. Matrons of the town that they own. Sophistication is the catch word here. This is not a formal affair, so hem lines should hover around the knee. It is really more of a cocktail affair but will take place in the afternoon so a lot of beading and sequins might not be the right call. We are looking for a highly tailored, streamlined look, without a lot of extra detailing. Some is fine, just nothing to overly embellished. Silks, satins, crepe de chin and other fabrics that yo think of for party wear. Sheath dresses that come with a matching jacket. A beautifully tailored shirt with a stunning long sleeve silk blouse. Even the right pair of tuxedo trousers, paired with a silk tank and jacket. These are all just suggestions to give you the right direction and to get you thinking.
NOTE: If you do choose to bring trouser options, please also bring dress and skirt options as well.
We would prefer that you not bring all black. It is a party in the Late Spring/Summer. Pale blues and pinks, soft yellows, greens and creams, taupe, grey. Even some subtle metallic would be nice. Copper, gold and silver fabrics or subtle embellishments. We would also prefer that your choices be mostly solid in color with little to no print. This will help establish the sleek, more sophisticated backdrop against which our principles will play. Bring your nicest and most glamorous jewelry to complete the look. Remember, it is Washington DC and, Republican or Democrat, the look is conservative and traditional, but we want the elegance factor as well. Don't forget your shoes for your choices and a small party/cocktail bag.

We are looking forward to seeing you all sometime on Tuesday, 6th with your fancy duds in hand. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!!

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