Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey everyone, hope you've had a great weekend!

On Monday we'll be shooting a scene where we are "storming the castle." The scene is one of CIA & FBI activity in the discovery of a house that was used by the bad guys. Everyone should read the following list and bring some of everything so that we have the choice to make some folks, official looking, undercover, etc. There will be neighbors and kids and I will address you guys separately.

EVERYONE PLAYING SUITS, CIA FORENSICS, FBI FORENSICS should bring several choices of options to include the following. These choices should be neutral to dark in color. Tan, grey, navy, dk green, burgundy, some black, etc.

business suits and shirts and ties, preferably dark in color
sport coats and blazers that could be worn with either dress slacks or jeans
slacks, skirts, khakis, cargos and jeans
long and short sleeve casual button front shirts and blouses
light weight jackets and hoodies

COP will be provided a uniform by the costume dept. Please do not be late as we will have to fit you and this can take a few minutes. Thanks

NEIGHBORS AND KIDS should bring several choices of Spring time, casual clothing that you would wear around the house and in the yard. All that is happening in the scene is a surprise to you. We'd like your clothing to be a bit more colorful than the dark clothing that we are requesting for the CIA and FBI. But please, nothing too bright or summery, or with too bold a pattern. Spring colors and subtle patterns are good. Softer colors like light blue, pale yellow, lavender, etc. This will make a nice distinction between the two groups of people. You might want to throw in some things that you might do yard work in. Caps and hats with no logos would be great too. Kids, also bring along a skateboard or something that you might be doing outside, MP3 Players and headphones, etc. Following are the kinds of things we would like you to bring:

Long and short sleeve casual button front shirts and blouses
Long and short sleeve tees, no logos please
khakis, jeans, cargos
casual dresses and skirts
appropriate shoes and belts
light weight sweaters and hoodies

As always, thanks for all the great things that I know you will be bringing. We look forward to seeing those who have worked with us before and to meeting those of you who have not.
See you on the set!!

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