Thursday, August 25, 2011


Another week, almost over. Thanks everyone for a good, but busy, week.

Tomorrow we are at the church, then some of you will move on the School Function and then the Diner. You should be told if you will be working in multiple scenes. Everyone being asked to work in multiple scenes should bring several options of all the things that I ask so there are enough choices to work in all the different scenes.

I will list all the categories below and what we would like for them. Please read them all so that you understand all the different kinds of things we would like for you to bring. There are a couple of exceptions to this and I will indicate.

PASTOR Should bring a dark suit, shirt choices in light colors and dark, subtle ties. Don't forget your shoes and belt. If you are being asked to work in another scene, please read on for that info.

CHURCH GOERS AND CHILDREN CHURCH GOERS we are shooting late Spring in our show, so please keep that in mind while choosing your "church clothes." The color palette is one of Spring and more subdued than all the bright summer colors. Softer colors are best. Light blue, pale green, soft yellow, lavender, grey, tan, cream, etc. Suits and sport coats and slacks would be best in med to darker tones.

The goal is to see everyone as a whole, not to notice too much the individual. No big hats or other items of bright color or busy patterns that will draw the eye. Please wear in your first, best choice and bring options with you. Please bring a mix of things from very dressy to less dressy.

CHURCH CHILDREN should all be dressed nicely for church. Make sure to include dress choices for the girls and suit, jacket/sport coat or sweater vests for the boys. Whatever you have for the children that makes them feel and look "dressed up." Don't forget the shoes that go with them

FUNDRAISER PARENTS This look is a mix of nice casual and after work business dress. This is less a formal fundraiser and more of a teacher/parent meeting, school open house or PTA meeting. Some parents would have come straight from the office and others from home but are all dressing to put their best foot forward for the teachers. Please bring options of all of the following:
Business suits and sport coats, shirts and ties
Slacks and skirts
Nice casual button front shirts and blouses to be worn without a jacket
cardigan sweaters and light weight jackets
Pullover shirt/blouses and sweaters
Don't forget the appropriate shoes and belts and accessories for your clothing choices

MEMPHIS DINER PATRONS Should bring choices of casual clothing to include jeans, khakis, cargo pants, long and short sleeve casual shirts/blouses, light weight jackets, cardigan and pullover sweaters, polo type shirts. Please bring the appropriate shoes, belts and other accessories for your clothing choices.

WAITRESSES As I understand, you gals actually work at this Diner! Please bring me several choices of the actual things that you wear to work. Please also bring your work aprons, if you wear them. We are not allowed to film obvious logos, so please bring items that are logo free.
Bring your personality too, and bring some of the jewelry and other accessories that you might wear at work.

FBI ESCORTS should be in the same costume that you have been wearing in the car for the driving sequences and the WV Police Station, shot on Wed and Thurs of this week.

Thanks again for a great week and for helping us make the show look good. We couldn't do it without you!!
See you on the set!

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