Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello everyone. Going back to the CIA. If the following instructions sound familiar, it's because I typed them word for word from the last time. :-)

Also, we now have a dedicated BG area for you guys and we've had dressing rooms built and everything. We couldn't do it without you so we want to keep you coming. The BG Room is in the center of the building in the front, and you can access that via the outdoor sidewalk to the door mark BACKGROUND HOLDING.

GENERAL NOTE: Everyone, regardless of the the role that you are being told to play, should bring a range of clothing from casual to dressy. We are still in Spring, long and short sleeves are appropriate for the work place. light weight jackets and sweaters still work. Nothing too wintery at this point.
Color palette is one of Spring with the colors being softer and more muted and neutrals like tan, grey, etc. Try not to bring all black, please. Dark colors are fine for the office, but a lot of black starts to feel more like a bar. Some black mixed in is fine. Nothing too bright or summery and nothing with too busy a pattern. Small patterns and textures are good.

Following find all the things that I would like everyone to bring:

Business suits (FBI agents please bring dark suits)
Sport coats/blazers
dress shirts and blouses that work with suits
casual button front shirts and blouses, long and short sleeve
ties and scarves, other accessories
sweaters, both pullover and cardigan
khakis, slacks and skirts and jeans
hoodies and pullover casual shirts


Some of you will be working after the CIA in a scene in the Bar Parking lot. We will be able to pull your clothes from the casual changes that you bring from above. Please make sure that you have enough choices so that we can change you from the CIA to the Bar Parking Lot.

As always, thanks for working with us on HOMELAND. We appreciate the effort that you make to bring the things that we ask for. See you on the set!!

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