Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Come fly away, come fly away with me......To the airport!

We've got several things working tomorrow so please be sure to read all the categories that may apply to you.

NOTE: Very important that all travelers bring luggage to use as your props. Include carry on style and size as well as larger suitcases, travel cases and even business travel cases if you have them. They should be in the most neutral styles and color cloths and leathers that you have.
Bring all your wardrobe choices in them and kill two birds with one stone!!
Ladies, don't forget your handbags. Young people bring your ipod, mp3, etc. and backpacks.

AIRPORT BG Should all bring several choices of casual and business wear. We are in Spring, so no shorts or tank tops just yet, but warmer weather clothes are good. Everyone should have a business look as we all know that business people travel. And everyone should have some casual choices to include everyday clothing and perhaps some "vacation wear."

INDIAN TRAVELERS please bring choices to include western clothing as well as your traditional clothing. We want several of you to look as if you just traveled from India and are de-planing in the US.

DC CAB DRIVER please bring a choice of jeans, khakis, cargos, button front shirts in long and short sleeve, pullover shirts, hoodies and light weight jackets. If you have caps that do not have a logo please bring them as well.

SEC/TSA & SKYCAPS will be provided uniform from the costume dept. We ask that all of you bring black shoes that would work with a uniform and black socks. Also please bring your own black belt.

FLIGHT CREW PILOTS AND FLIGHT ATTENDANTS will be provided uniforms by the costume dept. PILOTS please bring a black belt, black socks and black shoes. FLIGHT ATTENDANTS please bring black closed toe pumps and if you want to wear hose, please bring those as well.

CIA SUITS should bring....wait for it....suits! Please bring a choice of dark suits and lighter colored shirts and ties that are mostly dark with subtle pattern if any. Don't forget your dark shoes and belt.

LIMO DRIVERS should wear dark suits, white shirts and dark ties. Black shoes and black belts

ARMED MEN, PAKASTANI SOLDIERS should all bring their own black socks and dark brown or black non-descript shoes.

ND US AGENTS should all bring a choice of nice jeans, dockers, khakis, polo shirts, button front shirts in solids and small patterns. Don't forget your shoes and belts

Thanks to everyone in advance for bringing great choices and we'll see you on the set!!

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