Thursday, August 11, 2011


My apologies everyone!!!
I made a post last night for today, but apparently it did not take. I am sorry.

If you are working for Episode 105 in the CIA HEADQUARTERS please read the post for WEDNESDAY and follow the costuming instructions listed there for today, THURSDAY 8/11

For Episode 104:

FBI AGENTS will be playing "undercover" and therefore will be in street clothes. Everyone should bring plenty of options of jeans, cargos, khakis, med to dark solid color polo and long and short sleeve button front shirts, tees to layer underneath. Hoodies and light weight jackets under which you could hide a weapon. Long sleeve tees and pullover thermals and henleys.
Med to dark sneakers, work or hiking boots. Don't forget your belts. Please bring sunglasses.

NEIGHBORS should be wearing Spring season clothing. You should bring things with muted colors. Nothing too summery. We are not into shorts and tank tops just yet.
Pattern and texture are good, just nothing too busy or loud. Please avoid logos.
Don't forget the appropriate shoes that work with the clothing options that you are bringing.
Hats, caps and other outdoor accessories would be welcomed.

Again, my apologies for the last minute ordeal. I am not sure why the post last night did not take. See you on the set.

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