Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello everyone. So glad you'll all be joining us tomorrow. If you're new, here's how this works....
Keep reading and you'll find instructions for what to bring for the roles that you have been given to play. Please make sure to bring choices of all the things that we ask. The more things that you bring the better we can make you look, the better you look, the more likely you are to be on camera. See how nicely that works! :-)

There are two seperate units shooting tomorrow and you should have been told which unit you are working with. I will give my info in two units as well.

1st Unit

MEXICAN FEDERALES will be given uniforms by costumes. Please bring a pair of black socks.

We are playing this as a small, poor town. Everyone should bring choices of casual, everyday clothes that feel like they would be worn in Mexico. We can be colorful in our choices, especially for the children. Lots of pattern and texture. It will be warm and Mexico is a warm place, so that works out. Bring jeans, work pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses, etc. Also, bring anything that you think feels and looks authentic for the way the average person in Mexico would dress today. Don't forget your shoes and belts and all the other great accessories that I know you have.

MEXICAN MECHANICS please bring choices of any work style clothing that you have like Dickies shirts and pants. Also bring choices of jeans, work boots, white and grey tees and A shirts, short sleeve solid color button front shirts. Don't forget you belts.

BUS DRIVERS will be given uniforms by the costume dept. Please bring a black pair of socks.

BUS PASSENGERS & KID PASSENGERS will be a mix of Mexican and American. The bus has come from Texas and people will be getting on in Mexico. Everyone should bring several choices of casual clothing including jeans, khakis, long and short sleeve button front shirts, long and short sleeve pullover shirts and polos, western style shirts, coyboy hats, trucker caps with no logos, long and short sleeve tee shirts with no logos, denim shirts, denim vests and jackets, work boots, casual shoes, cowboy boots, belts, bandannas and other accessories. Really want that Texas/Mexico western feel. Colorful is good and pattern and texture like plaids are great!

The props department would like everyone of the PASSENGERS to bring duffel bags, backpack, hiking bags, over sized purses, tote bags, sleeping bags, pillows. These things should not look nice and new--go pull the thing out of the back of your closet that you thought you would never use again :-)

MOTHER AND BABY please read and follow instructions for the BUS PASSENGERS above.

5 WV BG WITH CARS should bring several choices of a more preppy conservative nature like polo shirts, long and short sleeve button down shirts and blouses, light weight sweaters and jackets, jeans, khakis, skirts. Don't forget your shoes, belts and other accessories.

ADMIN TYPE AND PLAINCLOTHES should bring office type clothing. Slacks and skirts, long and short sleeve button front blouses, jeans, pullover polo type shirts, casual long and short sleeve button front shirts. Don't forget the shoes and belts and accessories.

WV STATE POLICE will be given uniforms by the costume dept. Please bring a pair of black socks.

FBI ESCORTS are to wear the EXACT same thing that you wore on WEDNESDAY 8/24. Everything should match. If your shirt is dirty, wash it! Thanks.

2nd UNIT

7 PARK BG This is a reshoot and we are going back to Episode 103. It was cooler in our story then. We will have to cover up some. Long sleeve hoodies, long sleeve tees and pullover sweaters, button front shirts, vests, jeans, khakis, closed toe shoes, sneakers. If you have exercise wear or jogging suits that would be good, but they have to be long sleeve and long pants.

3 UPSCALE LADIES We are reshooting Episode 101 for your part and we were playing winter at that time. So, get back into your winter clothing and bring options of winter weight skirt and slack suits, sweaters and slacks, designer jeans, leather jackets, top coats and over coats, scarves and thin gloves, closed toes shoes and pumps. Don't forget your upscale accessories.

Thanks everyone in advance for a great day tomorrow and for bring all the good stuff!
See you on the set!

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