Monday, August 15, 2011


Hi folks. We've got a large and varied day tomorrow. Please make sure that you read all of the information that might apply to you, as many of you may be playing is more than one location and scene.

We have a couple of things going on at the park. There will be some of the kids that will be playing in the sprinklers, some kids playing baseball catch and then the parents/grandparents of all these kids.

KIDS IN SPRINKLERS should bring choices of swimsuits, as well as choices of play clothing that is OK to get wet. We want the option to be able to put everyone in clothes or a swimsuit to play in the water. Everyone should bring shoes that can get wet. Swim shoes, sandals, crocs, etc. No flip flops as it might be easy to come out of them. We just don't want anyone running barefoot. It's a safety thing. Everything should be fun and colorful. No obvious logos or branding, like Spiderman or Dora the Explorer, but simple and plain kids clothes. Don't forget a towel and a bag to put your wet things in. Please bring enough clothes that you have something dry to wear home.

KIDS PLAYING BASEBALL CATCH should bring choices of play clothes to include jeans, shorts, tees, sneakers, caps. The clothing should be colorful. No logos or branding like Spiderman or Nike, etc. Just plain, simple clothing. It might be a good idea to also include a swimsuit and clothes and shoes that you could play in the sprinklers, just in case. Please bring your gloves and baseballs.

ADULTS should bring choices of spring time clothing that you would wear to the park. We are not quite to shorts and tank tops in our storyline. Options should include jeans, khakis, cargos, capris, polos, tee both long and short sleeve, long and short sleeve button front shirts and blouses. Sneakers, and sandals are good. No flip flops for camera, please. Color and pattern are good, just nothing too bright or busy. Keep the colors to springtime colors instead of the overly bright colors of summer. Please include caps and hats, sunglasses, etc. Please avoid obvious logos. Don't forget your handbags or backpacks, etc.

Some of you from above may also be working in the CIA parking lot. All folks working in the CIA PARKING LOT should bring a mix of dressy business and business casual clothing so that we can mix and match the look for everyone. Colors should be muted and spring, not summer. Neutrals are good. Pattern and texture are fine provided they are subtle and not to bold or bright. Don't forget the appropriate shoes for all the clothing choices. Choices should include business suits
sport coats/blazers
slacks, skirts, khakis, jeans
button front shirts and blouses
light weight sweaters

Some of you from above may also be working as BAR patrons or workers. This is being played as a neighborhood bar. This means a mix of work/after work and casual wear. Please continue reading for instructions about this part of our day.

WAITRESSES/BARTENDERS please bring black tees and black pants and skirts. Tees can be long and short sleeve. Black shoes and belts. Small simple jewelry.

PATRONS should reference what I wrote for the CIA Parking Lot above. You should all bring options of dressy business to business casual and casual street clothing. Many of you will likely be working in both scenarios so that will take care of itself. If you are working only in the BAR please bring options of everything so that we can mix it up.

As always, thanks in advance for reading this and paying close attention to the needs of the show and for getting it right!! Everyone that has been working on the show has been doing a great job of bringing all the appropriate things. Keep it up!!
See you on the set!

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