Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello everyone. Hope your weekend is great.

On Friday we shot TOM WALKER MEMORIAL. On Monday we will be shooting a gathering that takes place after the Memorial.

If you worked on Friday and were at the Memorial service, you should wear exactly the same thing that you wore on Friday. Same jewelry, same shoes, etc. It's what we call an exact match for a direct cut. If you were given a military uniform for the Memorial you will receive the same costume on Monday.

If you did not work on Friday, please read the following for information on what to bring. Remember, this is just after a Memorial service.

We want a color story that is relatively monochromatic. Mostly blacks and greys, as you would expect to see at a funeral. We want everyone to look their best, so if your best is a dark green or burgundy or navy, the please bring that along with your black and grey options.

Men should wear dark suits or dark sport coats and slacks. We would prefer that you wear lighter colored shirts like white, cream, tan, pale grey or light blue. The ties should be darker and not too busy. Don't forget your belt and shoes. Please bring several choices.

Women should wear dark dresses, dark skirt suits, pant suits, blouses and skirts. If you are wearing a suit or skirt, make sure to bring the appropriate blouse choices in dark and light tones, but nothing too colorful. Whites, creams, tans, greys, etc. Bring appropriate shoes and handbags with you for the clothing choices you bring. Jewelry should be small, simple and understated. Please bring choices.

Young men and boys should wear dark suits and sport coats, if they have them. Shirts and ties to complete this look. If you do not have a suit or sport coat, then please bring shirt and tie, sweater vests, light weight pullover sweaters, etc. Please bring dress shoes for your outfit.

Young women and girls should wear dresses and skirts and tops that are appropriate for a funeral. I realize that not many little girls have black dresses, but please choose accordingly, staying with darker colors if you have them. Nothing too bright or cheery or summery. Please bring appropriate shoes for your dresses or skirts and tops.

Remember, this is after a military memorial service and everything was very traditional and conservative. I am sure that everyone will bring all the right things and thanks in advance for that. We are looking forward to meeting all of you
See you on the set!!

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