Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hello all. Same song, second verse. We are back at the CIA again tomorrow.

For all of you that worked on Thursday, 8/18, you will be repeating the change that you wore in the CIA. That was Day 1 in the script. We will be shooting Day 1 & Day 2 on Friday. You will have to match for Day 1 and we will choose a second change for Day 2 on Friday.

We are still in Spring in our story. The color palette should be one of softer colors, nothing too bright or summery. Texture and pattern are good, just nothing too bold or busy.

Below you will find the list of things that you should bring. There will be a couple of roles that I will put down individually, so please make sure that you read the whole blog.

Everyone should bring all of the following:
business suits
sport coats/blazers
dress shirts and blouses that work with suits
casual button front shirts and blouses, long and short sleeve
ties and scarves and other accessories
sweaters, both pullover and cardigan
khakis, slacks and skirts and jeans
hoodies and pullover casual shirts

CIA SECURITY GUARD should bring choices of dark suits, dress shirts in lighter colors like cream, tan, light grey, light blue, etc. Several choices of ties. You too will be dressed for two different days so we need to be able to pull two days from what you bring. Don't forget the appropriate shoes and your belt.

YOUNG CIA ESCORTS should bring choices of dark suits and dress shirts in light colors like cream, tan, light grey, light blue,etc. Also sport coats and slacks, ties, shoes and belts.

You guys have been doing a fantastic job with providing us what we ask for. We thank you so much and want you to know how much we appreciate it. The great things you bring help us make you look good, and when you look good, it shows! Keep it up. See you on the set!!

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