Saturday, November 2, 2013


I'll bet you think I forgot about you.... Oh not so!  Have been busy wrapping and wanted to be able to give this my full attention.

Hard to believe that we have finished the 3rd Season of HOMELAND!!  It seems like only last week that I was meeting many of you for the first time, and that many of you had never worked on a series.  Well, we have all come a long way, picked up many newcomers, and made many friends along the way.  The show has had wonderful success and that is, to a great degree, due to all of you!!

I wish that I could thank each and everyone of you personally for your commitment and dedication, for your passion about the show, and for your untiring efforts to show up with the things that I keep requesting.  But this blog site, once again, will just have to do.

Whether it is a mental hospital or the CIA, a Senate Committee Hearing or a No-Tell Motel, you guys just keep delivering.  It's amazing!  We would all have to work harder and longer if we didn't have you guys on our team!

For all the times that you took time away from your "real" life and families, for all the early mornings and late nights, for the many, many times that you each emptied your closets to bring them to us, we are incredibly grateful!

I have said since the first season that this group of Background Players is one of best groups with which I have had the pleasure to work.  I still stand by that.  The last couple of weeks of shooting when I had Ms. Rhonda Keaton here to assist me in finishing the year, she confirmed it for me once again.  Having worked on several shows herself, she continued to tell me time and again how professional, prepared and nice everyone is!  You guys impressed her as much as you have always impressed me.( And thanks for being so great to her!! )

I could ramble on but then I would have nothing to say at the end of another season. :-)  Know that you are all fantastic and I consider it my great privilege and pleasure to work with each and every one of you!  Here's to a wonderful break and a happy holiday season for everyone.  I'll look forward to seeing you all again.... On the Set!