Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey folks!! So it's back to the airfield to re-shoot the Homecoming. If you were on the first shoot and wore your own clothes, please bring/wear the same thing. If you were in uniform, then the costume dept will have that for you. It will be an early call on Monday, so one of the most important things that you can do is to wear your first choice to the set, and bring your options with you. May save us all a lot of time.

Since we are reshooting and have to match, this will be played as Winter. If you wore your own clothes bring back everything that you wore, including coats, scarves, gloves, etc. No open toe shoes. If you are new this time, you must bring outerwear/coats with you.
I know, I know....but we have to match.

The color pallete is one of Winter: grey, brown, tan, black, burgandy, teal, dk green, navy, etc.

Following find the things that you should bring for all the different categories of BG.

PHOTOGRAPHERS AND CAMERAMEN should bring options to include, jeans, khakis, cargos. Pullover l/s shirts, sweaters, vests, hoodies and outerwear/coats. Again, we have to match winter, so you must bring coats. Also bring scarves, caps and gloves. A layered look is what we are going for here,

ON CAMERA REPORTERS please bring options to include suits, blazers and pants/skirts, l/s shirts and blouses and outerwear. Don't forget your ties and scarves, belts and shoes. Trench coats or more dressy outerwear would be great.

ESTES STAFFER should bring med to dark suit options and blazer and pant/skirt options. Appropriate shirts and blouses, ties, scarves, shoes and belts. Dark wool over coats and dark trench coats. Professional look.

SEC OF DEFENSE STAFF should bring med to dark suit options and blazer and pant/skirt options. Appropriate shirts and blouses, ties, scarves, shoes and belts. Dark wool overcoats and dark trench coats. Professional look

V P STAFF AND V P MOTORCADE should bring med to dark suit options and blazer and pant/skirt options. Appropriate shirts and blouses, ties, scarves, shoes and belts. Dark wool overcoats and dark trench coats. Professional look.

SECRET SERVICE should bring options of dark suits, white or cream shirts and dark ties. Dark shoes and belts. Dark wool overcoats and dark trench coats.

I want to thank you all in advance for bringing the great stuff that you do, and for remembering to bring the things you wore the last time, if you were there. But mostly to thank you for understanding that we have to shoot winter and being willing to jump in there and sweat it out!!!
See you on the set!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


OK folks, it's time to shoot the last day of the week!! Everyone's gonna look fantastic, I know it!!

We're shooting an upscale hotel FOUR SEASONS, so following find all the pertinent information for all the individual characters playing there.

The season is Late Winter, so please bring seasonally appropriate clothing for that time. This means long sleeves, closed toe shoes and light weight to mid weight outer wear as some of you may be seen entering or exiting the hotel.

The color pallete should reflect the season that we are in, Late Winter. More neutrals, jewel tones, darker shades of colors, rather than the brighter shades of Spring or Summer.

In the categories below you will see suggestions for the kinds of things that we would like to see. Please try to bring some of all. We realize that not everyone has an unlimited wardrobe, but please try to hit all the categories if you can.

UPSCALE GUESTS Some may be in the lobby, some coming and going and some having a drink at the bar. To that end, everyone should bring a range of upscale casual to upscale dressy. This would include suits, blazers and slacks or skirts, sweaters, leather jackets, trench coats, long sleeve shirts and blouses, nice jeans, great shoes, etc. Please bring you best accessories such as jewelry, handbags, messenger bags, etc. Please make sure that what you choose looks as nice as it possibly can. If everyone comes prepared to wear a suit or jeans, then we will have better luck giving the director what he wants. Tasteful and elegant is what we want. Even the casual clothes should be the casual clothing of the monied.

A word about color and texture...The setting is pretty dark so please do not bring all black and grey. We need to be able to pick people out of the background. Color is great as long as it feels season appropriate. Patterns and textures are great as long as they are not too busy or loud.

LATIF SAUDI ASST/LIMO DRIVER/BODYGUARD Should all bring dark suits, grey or black or dark brown, solid or subtly striped white or cream or pale grey shirts, dark solid ties, dark shoes and belt.

MODELS FOR PRINCE you ladies get the fun part!! You should basically bring every sexy thing that you own as well as more sophisticated clothing. Club clothes, tight jeans, mini skirts, short shorts, sexy tops and dresses. Also, business suits and dress slacks and skirts and beautiful blouses. They want you all to be a mix, so if you all come with everything we can get the mix right. Don't worry about colors just bring it all, we will sort it out. You should also bring some light weight outer wear like trench coats or something that you would have worn in over your clothes but now we see it on the chair beside you. Killer shoes!! Bring your best jewelry and bling.
We are not going for streetwalker here, but we are going for sexy and sophisticated. Make sure you bring your best bras, push ups if you like and even the bust enhancers if you use them. Might be interesting to have some different hosiery choices with patterns or what have you.

BELLHOPS AND DOORMEN Will be provided a uniform by the costume department. Please bring black lace up shoes, black socks and belt and a white tee shirt.

CONCIERGE Should all wear dark suits, white shirts and muted tie choices. The women can either bring skirt or pant suits or both. Ladies also bring any scarves that might be a good accessorie for the look. Bring appropriate dark shoes for your wardrobe as well as belts. Bring any appropriate tasteful jewelry.

Thanks in advance for all the great stuff that I know you will bring!!! See you on the set.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hey folks! We're gonna be at the CIA and the HARDWARE STORE tomorrow. Quite a spread, huh?

Following find the information for the specific characters. The season is late winter and the color pallete is consists of much of the following: Tan, grey, brown, cream, blue, navy, dk green, teal, black, gold. More wintery than bright springy colors. Pattern and texture is great, just nothing to busy or bold and of course, no obvious logos.

As the season dictates clothes should have long sleeves, and there should be layering items such as light weight jackets and coats, sweaters, vests, hoodies, etc.

Please read on for information on your character:

STENOGRAPHER should bring options that include suits or pant/skirt and jackets. Also l/s blouses that could be worn without jackets, sweaters, sweater sets, etc. Don't forget appropriate shoes and accessories.

VIDEOAGRAPHER should bring options of a mix of casual and more dress items. Sweaters, pullover l/s, sport coats/blazers, jeans, slacks, skirts, l/s shirts/blouses that could be worn without a blazer, and a light weight outer jacket/coat.

ANALYST should bring options of a mix of casual and more dress items. Sweaters, pullover l/s, sport coats/blazers, jeans, slacks, skirts, l/s shirts and blouses that could be worn without a blazer and a light weight outer jacket/coat. Closed toe shoes

HARDWARE STORE PATRON should bring mix of casual shopping clothing. Sweaters, l/s pullovers, l/s button front shirts, light weight jackets/coats, hoodies. Jeans, slacks, cargo pants, khakis. Closed toe shoes and belts and accessories.

HARDWARE STORE EMPLOYEE should bring options of jeans, khakis and cargo pants. Sneakers or work boots. If you have a denim long sleeve shirt, blue button down shirt, or a blue polo shirt, and a long sleeve navy tee, please bring these. Don't forget your belt.

MARINE AND BUDDY IN WHEEL CHAIR should bring jeans and options of long sleeve button front shirts, light weight jackets, hoodies and l/s pullover shirts. If either of you have a USMC tee please bring that as well. Sneakers, work boots or other casual shoes.

SECURITY GUARD will be provided a uniform from the costume dept. Please bring a white tee shirt and black lace up dress shoes and a black belt.

Thanks in advance for your efforts to bring us the right stuff!! See you on the set!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ok, so it's time to play spy games. For all those of you who wanted to be in the exciting world of intel, now's your chance!! Following find the information for bringing clothing options for the CIA HEADQUARTERS scenes.

First, let's establish that we are in Late Winter/Early Spring. This means long sleeves and closed toe shoes. Jackets, sweaters, layers, etc are all indicative of the time of year that we are wanting to convey.

The color pallette will naturally follow the season. Neutrals like grey, brown, tan, dk green, navy, burgandy, teal, gold, black. We welcome some pattern, just not too bold or busy. These are respectable folks, after all. :-)

Everyone should bring several options of all the things listed below in the specific categories. We might want to mix it up a bit.

There is also information below for the Aesthiticians that work in the SPA

SENIOR AGENTS should bring options of med to dark suits, also sport coats and slacks. Bring options of Long Sleeve Button Front shirts that can be worn with jackets, as well as some that would be good without jackets. Ties should not be too loud or busy, but can have color. Dont forget your shoes and belts to go with your outfit choices.

COMPUTER GEEKS should bring options of slacks, khakis and jeans. Should also bring long sleeve button front shirts, some tie options, sportcoats. On the other extreme you should also bring things like polo shirts and hoodies and layers that we can mix and match to get an interesting look. Dont forget your shoes and belts and other quirkiy accessories.

ANALYSTS (Jr Types) should bring a mixed option of slacks and sport coats, with ties and long sleeve button front shirts, also long sleeve shirts that could be worn without a jacket. Sweaters, long sleeve pullover shirts jackets that are not sport coats and perhaps some options of jeans as well.

TECHS should bring a variety of options ranging from jeans to khakis and cargos to slacks and long sleeve shirts and sport coats. Include plain, long sleeve tees, long sleeve button front shirts, long sleeve pullover shirts, light weight jackets and hoodies

AESTHITICIAN Should all bring black dress pants, a long sleeve black tee and a short sleeve black tee. Black closed toe shoes that are more practical, like you would work in them. Black belt if the pants call for it.

Thanks in advance for bringing all the right stuff!! You know the drill....when you bring the right stuff, you look good. When you look good, the camera loves you! See you on the set.

Friday, June 17, 2011

MONDAY, 6/20

Hello again. Following find the information for work on Monday, 6/20. There are just a few of you that work in the morning, and you will also work later at the mall. If this is you, make sure that you bring options for both of the roles.

First, let's just start by establishing the is Late Winter/Early Spring. This means long sleeves, long pants, layers, closed toe shoes, etc.

The color pallete is one of neutrals: black, brown, grey, dk green, navy,
and colors that would be considered jewel tones: teal, burgandy, purple, etc
Basically, just don't bring overly bright, summer-y colors
Texture and pattern is great, but nothing too bold or busy.
And of course, please, no logos

Now for the specifics...

BANKER TYPE please bring suit/shirt/tie options w appropriate shoes and belt. Also bring an overcoat/trenchcoat if you have it.

MOM W STROLLER Choices of slacks and jeans. Long sleeve tees or button front blouses. Hoodies, sweaters and light weight jackets. If you have a two piece track suit like Juicy Couture or something, bring those in addition as well. Sneakers and other appropriate shoes

MALE/FEMALE SHOPPERS & TEENAGERS bring selections of jeans, slacks, skirts. Long sleeve shirts and blouses. Also sweaters, hoodies, light weight jackets. You should all have some choices of more dressy and more casual so that we can mix it up. Remeber that you are in a mall so don't make the dressy TOO dressy. Of course that appropriate shoes for all you choices, as well as the belts, jewelry and other accessories.

GEEK APPLE WORKER bring all the things listed just above but make sure to include a pair of khaki pants and shoes that you would go to work in. Not just sneakers.

TEENAGE GIRL Bring all the same things as the SHOPPERS, just make sure that you have a couple of things that might be considered sexy or racy, like tight tees, low-cut tees or blouses, etc.

PUNK KID please bring any camoflauge items that you have. Preferably if they look worn out or ripped up. Also bring "skate kid" clothing. Skinny jeans, big hoodies w no logos, skate sneakers, combat boots, dark long or short sleeve tees, thermal shirts in grey or black or olive, etc. Also bring any "gansta bling" that you might have. Big chains, wallets w chains, wrist cuffs and other jewelry, etc. Maybe skull caps and other lids. Just need to look tough and maybe a little scary.

PAMPHLET JERK AND BIBLE THUMPERS should all bring conservative clothing like button down shirts, khaki pants, cardigan sweaters, pullover sweaters, blazers, etc. I think you get the picture :-) The clothes should all be relatively simple and not too much pattern.

OLD LADY W WALKER you get the fun one...bring pantsuits, dresses, onion skin track suits, poly slacks and tops and cardigan sweaters, etc. Bring vintage jewelry if you have it, as well as things that are current. Sneakers, or other "comfortable" shoes.

I think that about covers everybody. Remember, if in doubt just throw it in. If something in you says to bring it, then bring it. The more choices you bring us the better we are able to make you look....the better you look, the more we see you. Have a great weekend and we'll see you on the set!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey guys, looking forward to meeting you all. This post is for Thursday, please read and follow.

If you are working on Friday as well, just go down one post for all that information. Thursday and Friday are different, so please read carefully if you are working both.

If you are only working Friday, skip this one and scroll guys are smart, you'll figure it out :-)

We are working exterior Brody House. Reporters and photographers are camped out to get the story. They will be there over the course of several days in the story. This means that you will need to bring enough of the following so that we can pull together at least three different looks from everyone. It's all the same kinds of stuff, just bring a lot so that we can change it up.

It is late winter/early spring so we are looking for a layered look. All of this will apply to everyone but the Uniformed Cops who will get a uniform from the costume dept. The color pallete is one of neutrals: tans, blacks, grey, brown, dk green, burgandy, navy blue, etc.

CAMERAMEN, PRINT REPORTERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS & ND BACKGROUND should all bring several options of the following:
-light weight jackets, hoodies, vests w pockets NO LOGOS
-pullover l/s tees, thermal shirts, lightweight sweaters,
-tees to wear under above items both long and short sleeve PLAIN, NO LOGOS
-jeans, khakis, cargo pants, and neutral colored slacks.
-sneakers, hiking boots, boat shoes, etc. NO OPEN TOED SHOES OR SANDALS!!!
-any ball caps or other caps without logos

UNIFORMED COPS should all bring a white crew neck tee shirt and black socks and black lace up shoes, if you have them.

Thanks in advance for bringing lots of good things! See you on the set!


You folks are the lucky ones!!!
We are re-shooting portions of the pilot episode, this day being one of them. When the pilot was shot it was winter and everyone was in coats, scarves and gloves. To match this, we have to do the same again........I know, I know, but that's sho-biz! :-)

If you worked the same scene during the pilot ( and I hope many of you are returning ) please think about what you brought and wore that day and bring all the same things again. The coats, gloves, scarves, caps, whatever you were wearing then we should wear again. The one upside is that if you were covered up by a coat you can bring thinner layers to wear underneath so it won't be as hot. If you can't remember exactly what it was, get as close as you can and also read the following and bring accordingly.

NEIGHBORS & KIDS & TEENAGERS should bring options of winter clothes to include neutral colored pants, jeans w dark wash, winter shoes, scarf, cap and gloves options. Bring layers like sweaters and hoodies. All these should be fairly neutral in colors and certainly no very bright or "eye-catching" colors. Everyone should bring a winter coat which should also be in the neutral pallette of brown, grey, black,

PRINT REPORTERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS & CAMERAMEN & SOUNDMEN should bring neutral colored clothing: tan, black, grey, navy blue, dk green, etc. This should include jeans and khakis and cargo pants & black or grey pants. Looking for layers here. Vests, sweaters, etc. Everyone should bring winter coats in the same neutral color pallette as well as any scarves, caps and gloves that you have. Nothing too bright or eye-catching. Not too much pattern.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


All the men coming for the Alibi Club should bring options of the items mentioned below in the original posting for Wed 6/15. You will find this post by scrolling down after you read this. Yet should also bring things that would still be fitting to the character yet slightly more casual. These things would include:

Navy blazer w gold buttons
Thin dress pullover sweaters
Polo shirts
L/S Button shirts that could be worn without a jacket

The season is late winter early spring so more muted colors will be best.

All still very much men of wealth and influence, but more perhaps as they would be seen at a country club.

Again, bring all of the items listed in the posting below, the suits shirts and ties first mentioned and then some options of these less dressy options.

Monday, June 13, 2011

WED June 15, 2011

Hello and welcome to HOMELAND!! We are looking forward to meeting and working with all of you and look forward to a great season. First, let me say thanks for all the work and effort that I'm sure all of you will put into showing up with the requested items. Remember, the better you look, the more likely you are to have camera time.

We understand that not everyone has everything in their closet. That being said, please read the following and do the best that you can each day you come to work:

-Always try to get as close as you can to what we are asking you to bring. Do not rely on us having everything. You should always pull the best and the most of what we request. That assures us, and you, that there is at least something that fits.

-Please pay close attention to the color specifications that may be listed. These will have a purpose and we are requesting them for a reason. Do the best you can to bring as close to the specified pallette as possible.

-Finally, and perhaps most imortantly, ALWAYS bring at least three options for the requested looks. You should wear your first choice and then have two choices in hand. Again, we realize that sometimes that might be limited, but if you always try to have 3 options of whatever the look is, the better we will be able to make you look.

Again, thanks for coming to play with us on HOMELAND! We couldn't do the show without you and appreciate all the hard work that you will be doing over the course of the season. Looking good gets you seen, and following the directions you recieve here will help you look good....I'm sure you can follow the logic :-) Keep reading for the specific information for the first day.
See you on the set!!
HOMELAND Costume Dept

WED June 15, 2011

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS please bring choices of dark suits, slacks and jackets or skirts and jackets. Both men and women will need to look sharp and like they belong in the White House or the Pentagon. Everyone should also bring shirt/tie and blouse options. Shirts/blouses should not be bright white (off white is fine) and can have color and pattern. Pattern should be subtle and simple, like a small stripe or geometric, colors should be colors from the business world and not too bright or bold. For the men, ties should be understated and not overly bright nor have too large or bold a pattern. Please don't forget the items such as shoes, belts and accessories that will complete your outfit. Women please bring understated jewelry. Men make sure to have dress socks and a white tee with you.

WASPY MALES/ALIBI CLUB Please bring options of suits, shirts and ties. This is a gentleman's club ( and not THAT kind ) ;-) therefore everything should be as nice and rich looking as possible. Elegant and understated is usually the best way to sell this. This means that the suits should be med to dark in color and tone. The shirts should be in a range of off-white, cream, light blue, small striping in subtle colors. Ties also should be understated and elegant. No overly bright colors or too-bold patterns. Think banker, lawyer, know, all the things your mother wanted you to be.

MILITARY BRASS & ENLISTED All of these will be given an uniform by the costume department. Everyone should make sure to bring black dress socks, white, calf length athletic socks and a plain white crew neck tee shirt. Everyone bringing all of these things ensures that you have them should we need to do some switching around due to sizing issues.