Monday, June 13, 2011

WED June 15, 2011

Hello and welcome to HOMELAND!! We are looking forward to meeting and working with all of you and look forward to a great season. First, let me say thanks for all the work and effort that I'm sure all of you will put into showing up with the requested items. Remember, the better you look, the more likely you are to have camera time.

We understand that not everyone has everything in their closet. That being said, please read the following and do the best that you can each day you come to work:

-Always try to get as close as you can to what we are asking you to bring. Do not rely on us having everything. You should always pull the best and the most of what we request. That assures us, and you, that there is at least something that fits.

-Please pay close attention to the color specifications that may be listed. These will have a purpose and we are requesting them for a reason. Do the best you can to bring as close to the specified pallette as possible.

-Finally, and perhaps most imortantly, ALWAYS bring at least three options for the requested looks. You should wear your first choice and then have two choices in hand. Again, we realize that sometimes that might be limited, but if you always try to have 3 options of whatever the look is, the better we will be able to make you look.

Again, thanks for coming to play with us on HOMELAND! We couldn't do the show without you and appreciate all the hard work that you will be doing over the course of the season. Looking good gets you seen, and following the directions you recieve here will help you look good....I'm sure you can follow the logic :-) Keep reading for the specific information for the first day.
See you on the set!!
HOMELAND Costume Dept

WED June 15, 2011

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS please bring choices of dark suits, slacks and jackets or skirts and jackets. Both men and women will need to look sharp and like they belong in the White House or the Pentagon. Everyone should also bring shirt/tie and blouse options. Shirts/blouses should not be bright white (off white is fine) and can have color and pattern. Pattern should be subtle and simple, like a small stripe or geometric, colors should be colors from the business world and not too bright or bold. For the men, ties should be understated and not overly bright nor have too large or bold a pattern. Please don't forget the items such as shoes, belts and accessories that will complete your outfit. Women please bring understated jewelry. Men make sure to have dress socks and a white tee with you.

WASPY MALES/ALIBI CLUB Please bring options of suits, shirts and ties. This is a gentleman's club ( and not THAT kind ) ;-) therefore everything should be as nice and rich looking as possible. Elegant and understated is usually the best way to sell this. This means that the suits should be med to dark in color and tone. The shirts should be in a range of off-white, cream, light blue, small striping in subtle colors. Ties also should be understated and elegant. No overly bright colors or too-bold patterns. Think banker, lawyer, know, all the things your mother wanted you to be.

MILITARY BRASS & ENLISTED All of these will be given an uniform by the costume department. Everyone should make sure to bring black dress socks, white, calf length athletic socks and a plain white crew neck tee shirt. Everyone bringing all of these things ensures that you have them should we need to do some switching around due to sizing issues.

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