Thursday, June 23, 2011


OK folks, it's time to shoot the last day of the week!! Everyone's gonna look fantastic, I know it!!

We're shooting an upscale hotel FOUR SEASONS, so following find all the pertinent information for all the individual characters playing there.

The season is Late Winter, so please bring seasonally appropriate clothing for that time. This means long sleeves, closed toe shoes and light weight to mid weight outer wear as some of you may be seen entering or exiting the hotel.

The color pallete should reflect the season that we are in, Late Winter. More neutrals, jewel tones, darker shades of colors, rather than the brighter shades of Spring or Summer.

In the categories below you will see suggestions for the kinds of things that we would like to see. Please try to bring some of all. We realize that not everyone has an unlimited wardrobe, but please try to hit all the categories if you can.

UPSCALE GUESTS Some may be in the lobby, some coming and going and some having a drink at the bar. To that end, everyone should bring a range of upscale casual to upscale dressy. This would include suits, blazers and slacks or skirts, sweaters, leather jackets, trench coats, long sleeve shirts and blouses, nice jeans, great shoes, etc. Please bring you best accessories such as jewelry, handbags, messenger bags, etc. Please make sure that what you choose looks as nice as it possibly can. If everyone comes prepared to wear a suit or jeans, then we will have better luck giving the director what he wants. Tasteful and elegant is what we want. Even the casual clothes should be the casual clothing of the monied.

A word about color and texture...The setting is pretty dark so please do not bring all black and grey. We need to be able to pick people out of the background. Color is great as long as it feels season appropriate. Patterns and textures are great as long as they are not too busy or loud.

LATIF SAUDI ASST/LIMO DRIVER/BODYGUARD Should all bring dark suits, grey or black or dark brown, solid or subtly striped white or cream or pale grey shirts, dark solid ties, dark shoes and belt.

MODELS FOR PRINCE you ladies get the fun part!! You should basically bring every sexy thing that you own as well as more sophisticated clothing. Club clothes, tight jeans, mini skirts, short shorts, sexy tops and dresses. Also, business suits and dress slacks and skirts and beautiful blouses. They want you all to be a mix, so if you all come with everything we can get the mix right. Don't worry about colors just bring it all, we will sort it out. You should also bring some light weight outer wear like trench coats or something that you would have worn in over your clothes but now we see it on the chair beside you. Killer shoes!! Bring your best jewelry and bling.
We are not going for streetwalker here, but we are going for sexy and sophisticated. Make sure you bring your best bras, push ups if you like and even the bust enhancers if you use them. Might be interesting to have some different hosiery choices with patterns or what have you.

BELLHOPS AND DOORMEN Will be provided a uniform by the costume department. Please bring black lace up shoes, black socks and belt and a white tee shirt.

CONCIERGE Should all wear dark suits, white shirts and muted tie choices. The women can either bring skirt or pant suits or both. Ladies also bring any scarves that might be a good accessorie for the look. Bring appropriate dark shoes for your wardrobe as well as belts. Bring any appropriate tasteful jewelry.

Thanks in advance for all the great stuff that I know you will bring!!! See you on the set.

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