Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey guys, looking forward to meeting you all. This post is for Thursday, please read and follow.

If you are working on Friday as well, just go down one post for all that information. Thursday and Friday are different, so please read carefully if you are working both.

If you are only working Friday, skip this one and scroll guys are smart, you'll figure it out :-)

We are working exterior Brody House. Reporters and photographers are camped out to get the story. They will be there over the course of several days in the story. This means that you will need to bring enough of the following so that we can pull together at least three different looks from everyone. It's all the same kinds of stuff, just bring a lot so that we can change it up.

It is late winter/early spring so we are looking for a layered look. All of this will apply to everyone but the Uniformed Cops who will get a uniform from the costume dept. The color pallete is one of neutrals: tans, blacks, grey, brown, dk green, burgandy, navy blue, etc.

CAMERAMEN, PRINT REPORTERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS & ND BACKGROUND should all bring several options of the following:
-light weight jackets, hoodies, vests w pockets NO LOGOS
-pullover l/s tees, thermal shirts, lightweight sweaters,
-tees to wear under above items both long and short sleeve PLAIN, NO LOGOS
-jeans, khakis, cargo pants, and neutral colored slacks.
-sneakers, hiking boots, boat shoes, etc. NO OPEN TOED SHOES OR SANDALS!!!
-any ball caps or other caps without logos

UNIFORMED COPS should all bring a white crew neck tee shirt and black socks and black lace up shoes, if you have them.

Thanks in advance for bringing lots of good things! See you on the set!

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