Friday, June 17, 2011

MONDAY, 6/20

Hello again. Following find the information for work on Monday, 6/20. There are just a few of you that work in the morning, and you will also work later at the mall. If this is you, make sure that you bring options for both of the roles.

First, let's just start by establishing the is Late Winter/Early Spring. This means long sleeves, long pants, layers, closed toe shoes, etc.

The color pallete is one of neutrals: black, brown, grey, dk green, navy,
and colors that would be considered jewel tones: teal, burgandy, purple, etc
Basically, just don't bring overly bright, summer-y colors
Texture and pattern is great, but nothing too bold or busy.
And of course, please, no logos

Now for the specifics...

BANKER TYPE please bring suit/shirt/tie options w appropriate shoes and belt. Also bring an overcoat/trenchcoat if you have it.

MOM W STROLLER Choices of slacks and jeans. Long sleeve tees or button front blouses. Hoodies, sweaters and light weight jackets. If you have a two piece track suit like Juicy Couture or something, bring those in addition as well. Sneakers and other appropriate shoes

MALE/FEMALE SHOPPERS & TEENAGERS bring selections of jeans, slacks, skirts. Long sleeve shirts and blouses. Also sweaters, hoodies, light weight jackets. You should all have some choices of more dressy and more casual so that we can mix it up. Remeber that you are in a mall so don't make the dressy TOO dressy. Of course that appropriate shoes for all you choices, as well as the belts, jewelry and other accessories.

GEEK APPLE WORKER bring all the things listed just above but make sure to include a pair of khaki pants and shoes that you would go to work in. Not just sneakers.

TEENAGE GIRL Bring all the same things as the SHOPPERS, just make sure that you have a couple of things that might be considered sexy or racy, like tight tees, low-cut tees or blouses, etc.

PUNK KID please bring any camoflauge items that you have. Preferably if they look worn out or ripped up. Also bring "skate kid" clothing. Skinny jeans, big hoodies w no logos, skate sneakers, combat boots, dark long or short sleeve tees, thermal shirts in grey or black or olive, etc. Also bring any "gansta bling" that you might have. Big chains, wallets w chains, wrist cuffs and other jewelry, etc. Maybe skull caps and other lids. Just need to look tough and maybe a little scary.

PAMPHLET JERK AND BIBLE THUMPERS should all bring conservative clothing like button down shirts, khaki pants, cardigan sweaters, pullover sweaters, blazers, etc. I think you get the picture :-) The clothes should all be relatively simple and not too much pattern.

OLD LADY W WALKER you get the fun one...bring pantsuits, dresses, onion skin track suits, poly slacks and tops and cardigan sweaters, etc. Bring vintage jewelry if you have it, as well as things that are current. Sneakers, or other "comfortable" shoes.

I think that about covers everybody. Remember, if in doubt just throw it in. If something in you says to bring it, then bring it. The more choices you bring us the better we are able to make you look....the better you look, the more we see you. Have a great weekend and we'll see you on the set!!!

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