Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello everyone. Welcome to HOMELAND if you are joining us for the first time. Welcome back if you have worked with us before.

We are shooting a POOL HALL scene tomorrow and we will have some characters. As you continue to read you will see that I try to address each character or group of characters. The main thing to remember is to bring lots of options. If you think it might work, throw it in. Don't decide for yourself what you might wear, that's what we're here for. There are lots of you and we want to make sure that everyone looks fantastic.

We are shooting Spring/Summer in our story so clothing that you would be wearing now will work.

BIKER AND BIKER CHIC I am assuming that if you are bringing your own bike that means you probably also have the biker gear. Please bring several options of
leathers and denim
tees, boots, belts and caps
Be aware that we cannot use things that have obvious logos, which will most likely be Harley Davidson. Logos on a tee can be "hidden" with a vest, for example, that's why the layered look will probably serve us well for you guys. Again, the more we have to work with the better we can make it look.

SKINHEAD FRIENDS OF RUSS will be looking rough and leaning toward the skinhead look, but not entirely so. It's a fine line. Read the list below and bring as much of the following that you have:
dark cargo pants
military style boots, dark sneakers or doc martin boots
jeans, both ripped and non-ripped
dark tees, could be sleeveless
white tees
ribbed A shirts (also known as wife beaters)
denim jackets and vests and shirts
flannel plaid shirts and other plaids
leather belts
Also bring any accessories like chain wallets, bike chain jewelry, etc. Menacing is the best word for you guys.

WAITRESS should bring several choices to include
tight jeans and jean shorts
other shorts and skirts
sexy/slutty tees
halter tops, tube tops, etc
bring shoes that you can walk in but look sexy, but also bring a pair of more sensible shoes like dark sneakers.
bring your big gawdy jewelry

BARTENDER should bring options to include
dark tees, no obvious logos, please
sleeveless tees
flannel plaid shirts, could be sleeveless
denim shirts
trucker caps, no obvious logos
boots, work boots or otherwise, and dark sneakers

CRUSTY BARFLYS will be a lot of fun. All very much character clothes. Vintage/thrift store look is good. Lots of quirky layers.
old button front shirts and blouses (a vintage flair would be nice)
pullover shirts and sweaters
odd ties and jewelry (bolo tie springs to mind)
jeans and slacks and skirts
Polyester pant suits
light weight jackets and sweaters (think Members Only style)
shoes, belts and jewelry and accessories to complete this look

WORKING CLASS MECHANIC TYPES is a look of the everyday working man. Men that came in for a beer after getting off a shift at the garage or from working on a road crew, or something like that. If you have an old mechanics shirt, by all means bring that, otherwise please bring several options to include the following:
jeans, both ripped and non-ripped
work pants or khakis, like Dickies work pants
tees, both colored, grey and white
short and long sleeve button front shirts, like Dickies work shirt
denim shirts, long and short sleeve
work boots and leather belts
trucker/baseball caps, without obvious logos

FBI AGENTS should bring options to include the following:
Business suit and shirts and ties
sport coats and slacks
pullover shirts and sweaters
long and short sleeve casual shirts
khakis, jeans, slacks and skirts
appropriate shoe choices for your clothing choices

I'm sure you will all bring great things and we look forward to seeing you in the morning and having fun getting you all ready. Thanks in advance for all your help!!
See you on the set!

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