Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello folks, sorry that you had to wait a bit for this information. Had a couple of busy days and late nights.

We are still in Early Spring in our story. It is warmer outside, but not yet the heat of summer. Everyone should bring a light weight jacket in case you need to look as if you are entering or exiting the building.

The color palette is one of restraint. Color is fine, just nothing too bright or flashy. Work place colors and patterns. Neutrals like tan, brown, grey, black, navy, burgundy, dk green, teal, gold, ect.

Following find the information for the seperate categories of BG players for the day:

CIA OFFICERS should bring several options to include suits and ties/scarves, sport coats and slacks with dress shirts. Ties and scarves should not be too loud or busy. Please bring the appropriate shoes, belts and accessories to work with your options.

ADMIN TYPES & CIA ANALYSTS should bring several options of work appropriate wear. Long sleeve button front dress shirts and ties, slacks/skirts, appropriate work blouses (means nothing too sexy) light weight sweaters/sweater sets, vests. Don't forget to bring the appropriate shoe, belt and accessory choices.

FBI AGENTS should bring options of dark suits, white and cream shirts and dark ties. Ties should be as simple as possible with out a lot of noticeable pattern. Dark shoes and belts.

Thanks in advance for bring all the good stuff to help us make you look great.
See you on the set!!

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