Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello all. We're going to the park today. At least it's not supposed to be 100 degrees, right?
That being said, we are still shooting late winter/early spring so it's not quite shorts and tank top weather in our story.

Following find the instructions for what to bring broken down by the characters that you'll be playing. Please bring as many options as you can.

The color palette is also one of late winter/early spring. Nothing too summery in color. Neutrals like tan, brown, cream, black, grey and deeper colors such as dk green, navy, teal, purple. Pattern and texture are welcome, just nothing too bright or busy. And of course, no obvious logos.

Everyone should bring a light to mid weight jacket/coat.

The Props Dept has asked me to include some things from them that they would like you to bring, if possible. These items will be listed, along with the wardrobe instructions, under specific characters.

CAMERAMEN, SOUNDMEN, GRIP should bring options to include jeans, khakis, hoodies, long sleeve tees, short sleeve tees to layer, thermal tops, pullover tops and shoes/boots that you could work in. If you have caps with no logos feel free to bring these as well. If you worked in this capacity earlier in the week, please bring back the same kinds of things that you have been bringing. Light weight jackets

DP should bring all the things that you brought last week. Thanks!
PRODUCTION ASSTSTANT should bring all the things that you brought last week. Thanks!

JOGGERS AND BIKE RIDERS should bring an array of exercise wear to include long exercise pants as well as shorts. Please bring long sleeve tees, sweatshirts and hoodies and exercise suits. You have the hardest part because we need you to bring things without logos. Sneakers or riding shoes. If you are a BIKE RIDER the Props dept would like for you to bring your own bike if possibe. You will be more comfortable riding and it will be safer for you on a bike that you are familiar with. Of course, bring all your safety equipment along with that.

OLDER COUPLE, MOMS W STROLLERS & MAN READING PAPER should all bring options of every day clothes for late winter/early spring in the color palette above. Jeans, khakis, slacks skirts, sweaters, pullovers, long sleeve shirts and blouses, light weight jackets. light weight scarves, hats and other accessories will be welcome also.

DANA'S FRIENDS should all bring options of hip clothing in the color palette above. Lots of layers, with tees and long sleeve shirts, thermals, hoodies, sweaters, short sleeve tees, caps with no logos. Please bring a light to mid weight jacket. Cool interesting shoes, sneaks, boots, etc. Bring all your accessories and jewelry and watches. Urban Outfitter vibe. You guys should also bring your MP3 players, skateboards, backpacks and any other stuff that you carry around on a regular basis.

Thanks in advance to everyone for all the great stuff that I know you will bring! We look forward to meeting and working with you.
See you on the set!

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