Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hello everyone! So glad you'll be joining us. Following you will find the info on the things that we would like you to bring for the BRODY BARBEQUE! We are shooting a gathering at the BRODY HOUSE. The attire is dressy casual. Everyone should bring lots of options so that we can make everyone look as good as possible, and individual as well

We have finally moved up in the season in our show and are into a bit warmer weather. We are playing this as the end of March. So it's warm-ish, but not summer warm. Realistically, it would also be a bit cooler at night.

The color palette is one of spring. Nothing terribly bright or too summery, but color should certainly be in the mix. Purple, teal, green, burgundy, gold, etc. Also more neutrals like tan, cream, brown, grey, maybe even a little black....not too much, but maybe a little. :-)

MEN should bring several options to include nice jeans, khaki slacks, long sleeve button front shirts, polo shirts, pullover light weight sweaters. Maybe throwing in a light weight fashion jacket or a vest, couldn't hurt, right. Texture and pattern are good, just nothing too bold or busy. Subtle plaids and stripes or sweaters with some texture. Solid is good too. Don't forget your shoes and belts that work with these clothes.

WOMEN should bring several options to include nice jeans, slacks, casual skirt options. Also tops to go with these bottoms. Maybe some little cardigans to wear over something. Think about the color palette mentioned above. These can be fun casual tops, but nothing that is too "club" oriented. These folks are friends getting together at someone's home. Don't forget belts, your jewelry and of course, your shoe choices to go with all of this. Bring a handbag that would work with your clothes and you might be able to keep your things with you.

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