Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hey guys and gals. Now it's time for the "play within the play." You'll be crew members of a TV show on a TV show.

It is still late winter in our little drama, so all choices need to have long sleeves, and everyone should bring light to mid-weight winter jackets.

The color palette is also one of late winter: neutrals like tan, brown, grey, cream, black, and colors like burgandy, dk green, navy. Pattern and texture is good, just nothing too loud or busy.

Everyone should bring enough options to be able to come up with 3 outfits for three different screen days.

Following find the looks of the different categories:

GRIPS, SET DRESSERS, ELECTRICIANS should all bring lots of options to include jeans, cargo pants, long sleeve tees, short sleeve tees for layering, long sleeve thermal pullovers, hoodies, caps with no logos, closed toe shoes that you could work in and a mid to light weight jacket.

DP, PRODUCER'S ASST, STYLIST & ART DIRECTOR should all bring lots of options to include jeans, slacks/skirts, long sleeve button front and pullover shirts and blouses, sweaters, hoodies, fashion jackets and mid to light weight outerwear jackets. Don't forget the shoes, belts and accessories that work with your choice of clothing.

Once again, everyone should bring enough options for us to come up with 3 different outfits. And everyone should have a mid to light weight jacket/coat with them.

Thanks in advance for bringing great stuff and we look forward to meeting you tomorrow.
See you on the set!!

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