Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hi folks! So glad you'll be joining us. At least you will not be out in the sun in winter coats, as many of our other BG players have had to do. If any of you have been with us on those days, all we can say is thank you!

We are still playing late winter, but seasonal rules don't always apply as much when talking about night life. This will be a sophisticated and upscale place so we want everyone to look great. Ladies, I know that even in the winter you don't always wear a coat when going out.
Freeze from the car to the bar!! However, if you would include a wrap or a pashmina or something like that then we can winter it up a bit.

The palette is still one of late winter: darker colors and patterns, greys, blacks, browns, burgundy, teal, dk green, navy, ect.
So no bright, primary colors or summer colors.


Following find examples of the things that we'd like to see. Also find the instructions for the different specialty BG.

BARTENDERS all black. Black slacks or very dark black jeans, black belt and black shoes. The top can be a black tee or tank whatever you have and whatever you look sexy in. Same for the female bartenders, except make it a black short skirt.

WAITRESSES all black as well. Black skirts and black tees, tops and tanks. Bring us some choices if you have them. Don't forget your sexy shoes!! and statement jewelry as well as some jewelry that is more subdued.

PRINCE'S BODY GUARDS should bring dark suits, shoes and belts. Shirts in white, cream, lt grey, and dark, more simple ties.

PRINCE'S LADIES should bring as many choices as you have. Think sophisticated and elegant, but SEXY!! Short shorts, mini skirts and tops, little dresses, halter dresses, etc and sexy shoes!!
Don't forget your jewels!! Bring a pashmina or wrap if you have it. And bring handbags to work with your choices.

BOUNCER all black. Tight black tee and black slacks or dark black jeans. Black shoes and belt.

DJ should bring options of his own style to the table. Just remember that we are shooting late winter so include long sleeves, whether shirts or jackets.

MALE CLUB PATRONS should bring options to include dark slacks, dress/designer style jeans in a darker fade, long sleeve button front club shirts or shirts to be worn open neck with a sports coat, sports coats or light weight fashion jackets. If you have a suit that is tailored and would look good with either a button front shirt or a tee under it, please include that too. Also some smart looking ties. Bring the appropriate shoes for all your options as well as belts and other accessories that you might want such as scarves and/or jewelry.

FEMALE CLUB PATRONS should bring options to include sexy, sophisticated night/club clothes to include short shorts, minis and tops, dresses, wraps, dark dress slacks and tops. No jeans, please. Don't forget your statement jewelry and sexy shoes, plus handbags to go with you outfits.

Thansk in advance for all the great stuff we know that you will bring!!
See you on the set

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