Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello once again. Since you are all returning to reprise your roles as the illustrious TV film crew, I don't have to get a writer's cramp by typing in all the information. :-) If you are working in the CIA scene at the end of the day, scroll down to the bottom of this post and you'll find your information.

FILM CREW Please bring everything that you have already worn on any of the days that you worked as the film crew. Put them together as best you can remember by Day/Outfit. If for some reason you do need the information again, you may scroll down to the posting for Friday, 7/15. Some of you may have been "recast" as something else for tomorrow. If you have the above mentioned posting will have the info that you will need. Even if you have been recast, please still bring everything that you have worn on the other days that you worked.

I trust that you are all smart kids and can figure this out. We just need everything that you've worn already as well as options, just in case.

We are still playing late winter/early spring so all choices need to have that feel. Long sleeves and layers. Everyone should bring a light weight outerwear jacket or coat. The color palette is also one of this time of the year. Neutrals like brown, grey, tan, cream, black. Colors such as dk green, burgundy, teal, navy blue, purple, etc. Pattern and texture are great, just nothing too bold or eye-catching.

SR AGENTS/AGENTS should bring options of med to dark suits, also sport coats and slacks/skirts. Bring options of long sleeve button front shirts/blouses that can be worn with jackets, as well as some that would be good without jackets. Ties should not be too loud or busy, but can have color. Don't forget your shoes and belts, handbags and jewelry to go with your clothing choices.

TECHS/COMPUTER GEEKS should bring options of slacks, khakis and jeans. Should also bring long sleeve button front shirts, some tie options and sport coats. On the other extreme, you should also bring things like polo shirts and hoodies and layers that we can mix and match to get an interesting look. Dont forget your shoes and belts and other quirky accessories.

JR ANALYSTS/CLERICAL should bring a mix of options including slacks/skirts and blazers, with ties and long sleeve button front shirt/blouses. Also long sleeve shirts that could be worn without a jacket. Sweaters, long sleeve pullover shirts, jackets that are not sport coats and perhaps some options of jeans as well.

See you all tomorrow. Thanks in advance for all the great stuff that you will bring.
See you on the set.

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