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First let me say that if you are looking for the post about MONDAY 7/25, please scroll down to the next post. There you will find the information that you need for that day. It is listed as

For those of you that are working TUESDAY, 7/26 at the CHURCH, please read this post for all that you will need for that day.

For our actual Congregants who will be joining us, let me say welcome and thank you! We are shooting early spring in our show, so we want you to keep that in mind while choosing your
"Church Clothes" for Tuesday. The color palette is one of late winter/early spring and is more subdued than the current summer time palette. The best colors are neutrals like brown, tan, grey, cream, black. Color is welcomed but keep them more muted like navy, teal, burgundy, gold, dark green, rusts, purples, etc. Nothing to brightly colored or with too busy a pattern.

The goal is to see everyone as a whole, not to notice too much the individuals. No big hats or other items that will draw the eye. Please wear your first, best choice and bring options. Please bring a mix of things from dressy to less dressy. Suits and ties, sport coats, light weight sweaters. Dresses, skirts and blouses, slacks, etc.

Following find the info the the BG for the CHURCH day:
For the church scene, please read the above and follow the directives there.

OLDER CHURCH LADIES will be the ones preparing and fussing over the refreshments. Please bring a choice of dresses and sweaters, etc. Shoes to work with your choices. If you have aprons that you wear at home please bring those with you.

BOYS & GIRLS should all be dressed nicely for church. Make sure to include dress choices for the girls and suit, jacket/sportcoat or sweater vests for the boys. Whatever you have for the children that makes them feel and look "dressed up." Don't forget the shoes to go with these clothes.

JARHEADS& WIVES, OFFICERS AND WIVES should all bring clothes for church, per the above. You will not be wearing a uniform in church. Some of you may be playing in later scenes. If so, the choices for that are described below.

VETERANS & SCRUFFY LOOKING VET will be playing in the VET SUPPORT GROUP. This is a casual setting. Please bring options to include jeans, khakis, cargo, long and short sleeve tees, hoodies, light weight sweaters, light weight jackets, sport coats to wear with jeans,etc. We are playing early spring and it is still cool at night. In the script it rains that night, so a light rain coat for set dressing might be good.

If you happen to have any clothing that indicates a branch of the military; a tee with USMC on it, a hoodie with ARMY, etc, please include these items with your other choices. The director would love to see a smattering of these "real" items on some of our vets. Casual shoes and sneakers that work with your choices.

If you are one of our SCRUFFY VETS, maybe don't shave that day and bring some choices that are a little old or worn out. Jean jackets, leather jackets, faded jeans, old flannel shirts etc. Nothing too shabby, we don't want you to look homeless, just not as put together as some of the other folks.

We realize it is a tall order, but are confident in the ability of all of you to bring great options for us to put together a wonderful looking day. Thanks in advance and we look forward to meeting all of you.
See you on the set!!

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