Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hello all. Wide range for tomorrow! Following find the general instruction for the day and the specific instructions for different BG roles:

We are playing late winter/early spring. This means long sleeve shirts, light weight jackets, sweaters, hoodies, etc. Everyone needs to have a mid to light weight jacket with them.

The color palette is also one of last winter/early spring: tan, brown, grey, black, cream, burgandy, dk green, navy, teal, etc. Pattern and texture is good, just nothing too busy or eye catching.

MR REED please bring the entire outfit that you wore for your audition as well as any other cream, tan or light grey shirts, and ties that would work with them, that you might have.

MRS REED as we spoke about the day of your audition, the look you had was good, we just need something a bit more seasonal. So options of the same kind of thing in darker colors with dark closed toe shoes and a trench or light weight overcoat if you have one.

MEDICAL EXAMINER should bring choices of long sleeve shirts and blouses, dress slacks and skirts to wear under lab coats which will be provided by the Costume Dept. Men please bring tie choices, nothing to busy or too colorful. Bring the appropriate shoes for the clothes that you are bringing.

MORGUE WORKERS Will be given scrubs by the Costume Dept. You should bring with you long sleeve tees to layer under, and women maybe also bring a cardigan to layer over. Please consult the color palette above for those choices. Also please bring sneakers, the more subtle, the better. Dirty, duller sneakers are actually better for camera than brand new bright white. Tan or grey, navy or black, or a white that is not too white.

FAST FOOD PATRON, PRECISION DRIVERS AND BG WITH CARS should bring options of basic casual clothing to include jeans, khakis, skirts, long sleeve shirts and blouses, sweaters, hoodies, light to mid weight jackets. Everyday wear, but it is late winter/early spring. Closed toe shoes.

Thanks in advance to everyone for all the great stuff. We look forward to meeting and working with you. See you on the set!!

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