Thursday, July 14, 2011

FRIDAY 7/15 Brody House & Dry Cleaner Patron photo shoot

Got a couple of things going on today and they will both be listed here. The first info is for the folks that will be working as the "TV Crew" at the Brody house. If you are working at the Dry Cleaner Patron photo shoot, scroll down a bit to the bottom of this post.

Please bring the clothes that you wore on camera the last time that you worked as the Film Crew on Monday of this week. In addition please bring several more options as we will need to pull out an additional 2 screen days worth of clothes.

We are in late winter/early spring, so all choices should have long sleeves and everyone should bring light weight jackets and outer wear. Layers are good here.

The color palette is also one of late winter: neutrals like tan, brown, grey, cream, black and colors like burgundy, dk green, navy, etc. Panttern and texture is good, just nothing to loud or busy.

Following find the looks of the different categories:
GRIPS, ELECTRICIANS, CAMERA MEN, SOUNDMEN & PA should all bring lots of options to include jeans, cargo pantsm long sleeve tees, short sleeve tees for layering, long sleeve thermal pullovers, hoodies, caps with no logos, closed toe shoes that you could work in and a mid to light weight jacket.

DP, PRODUCERS ASSISTANT, PRODUCTION DESIGNER & STYLISTS should all bring lots of options to include jeans, khakis, slacks/skirts, long sleeve button front and pullover shirts and blouses, sweaters, hoodies, fashion jackets and mid to light weight outerwear jackets. Don't forget the shoes, belts and accessories that work with you choice of clothing.

For the photo shoot we will be shooting a range of socio-economic backgrounds. This means that everyone should bring options that include both casual and more dressy clothing. For example, the men might bring jeans and a tee and hoodie as well as a sport coat & slacks or a suit and tie. For women perhaps it is jeans and a top as well as a dress or skirt and blouse. These are just examples of the variety of things that we need you to bring. Please pack more than what I just described. Bring options of all kinds of clothing casual to dressy.

They are wanting the capability of making this look as if the people have been photographed on a couple of different occasions. Everyone should also include a light weight jacket that we could put over something to make it look different. If you have longer outerwear such as a trench coat, please include that as well. Men and women both should also include any ball caps or hats that have no obvious logos. Any accessories that you might have such as light weight scarves, vests, etc would be helpful as well.

Thanks to everyone for all the good stuff that I know that you will bring. We really appreciate all of your efforts. You are helping the show to look great!!
See you on the set.

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