Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Back to the CIA!!
First, let's establish that we are in Late Winter/Early Spring. This means long sleeves and closed toe shoes. Jackets, sweaters, layers, etc are all indicative of the time of year that we are wanting to convey. Everyone should bring lightweight outerwear. We may want folks to be coming in from outside.

The color palette will naturally follow the season. Neutrals like grey, brown, tan, dk green, navy, burgundy, teal, gold, black. We welcome some pattern, just not too bold or busy. These are professionals, after all :-)

Everyone should bring several options of all the things listed below in the specific categories. We will want to mix it up a bit. You should always wear one of your options to the set to help us save time in the beginning. WE HAVE TO SHOOT 3 SCREEN DAYS, SO WE NEED LOTS OF OPTIONS TO PULL OUT 3 DAYS WORTH!

AGENTS/SR AGENTS should bring options of med to dark suits, also sport coats ans slacks. Bring options of Long Sleeve button front shirts that can be worn with jackets, as well as some that would be good without jackets. Ties should not be too loud or busy, but can have color. Don't forget your shoes and belts, handbags and jewelry to go with your outfit choices

TECHS/COMPUTER GEEKS should bring options of slacks, khakis, and jeans. Should also bring long sleeve button front shirts, some tie options, sport coats. On the other extreme you should also bring things like polo shirts and hoodies ans layers that we can mix and match to get an interesting look. Don't forget your shoes and belts and other quirky accessories.

JR ANALYSTS/CLERICAL should bring a mix option of slacks/skirts and blazers, with ties and long sleeve button front shirts/blouses. Also long sleeve shirts that could be worn without a jacket. Sweaters, long sleeve pullover shirts, jackets that are not sport coats and perhaps some options of jeans as well.

So there you have it. We look forward to meeting you and working with you. Thanks in advance for bringing lots of good stuff. We'll see you on the set!!

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