Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hey folk! Thanks for joining us on the HOMELAND train. We have finally moved into warmer weather on the show. But wait, we still have one more scene to shoot for 102, and there we are playing late winter/early spring. So......that means you should bring options that would include a light weight jacket appropriate for outdoors, long sleeve shirts and blouses. But you will also need options for 103 which is now the end of March, so it is warmer. Not tank tops and shorts warm yet, but warmer. Short sleeve options would work here.

The color palette is one of neutrals such as grey, tan, brown, cream and black and colors like, purple, green, gold, navy, burgandy, teal, etc. The colors should not be too bright or summery, but color is good. Pattern and texture is good, just nothing too busy or eye catching.

You will be out of doors in a neighborhood. Some of you will be driving, some will probably be in yards or walking on the street. I say all this to let you know the kinds of clothing that is appropriate.

Everyone should bring several options to include jeans, cargos, khakis, sneakers, work boots, polo shirts, long sleeve button front shirts, long sleeve pullovers, hoodies and light weight jackets for the 102 scene. No obvious logos. Ball caps without logos would be good, and for the women maybe a visor or, dare I say it, a straw hat :-) Throw in your gardening gloves for good measure.

Don't forget, we will need light weight jackets and hoodies to work for the first scene, then the weather gets warmer. Thanks in advance for all the great stuff that I'm sure you'll bring.
See you on the set.

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