Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello folks. Following you find the information for Tuesday, 7/12, for work at the MALL and exterior BRODY HOUSE. Everyone will essentially be playing 3 people. 1 outside the mall, 1 outside BRODY'S house, and one inside the mall. We will need everyone to bring enough of the following to make up three different folks.

We are playing late winter/early spring, so everyone must bring mid to light weight outer wear in the color palette because 2 of the scenes tomorrow are outdoors. Also, everyone should bring hats and scarves and gloves, because we are shooting something to insert in an existing scene where everyone has on these items.

The color palette is one of neutrals: black, brown, grey, tan, cream. And colors like dk green, teal, burgundy, purple, gold, etc. Pattern and texture is good, just nothing too bold or busy.

As you will all have to bring some of everything, I am going to describe the kinds of things that we want for the different scenes.

INTERIOR MALL bring selections of jeans, slacks, skirts. Long sleeve shirts and blouses. Also sweaters, hoodies, light weight fashion jackets. You should all have some choices of more dressy and more casual so that we can mix it up. Remember that you are in a mall so don't make the dressy TOO dressy. Of course, don't forget appropriate shoes for all your choices, as well as the belts, jewelry and other accessories, including hats and scarves. Ladies, please bring a handbag that will work with your costume choices.

OLD LADY WITH WALKER please bring pantsuits, dresses, onion skin track suits, polyester slacks, and tops and cardigan sweaters, etc. Basically, it's your quintiscential TV grandma. Please bring some vintage jewelry, if you have it as well as things that are current. Sneakers and other "comfortable" shoes. Don't forget the fantastic vintage handbag that I am sure you have.

EXTERIOR MALL the kinds of clothing is the same as for the INTERIOR MALL, but we must wear mid to light weight jackets, hats and scarves. Everyone must bring these as options for the exterior scenes.

EXTERIOR BRODY HOUSE will once again be outside and once again be inserted into a scene that we shot during the actual winter, so this one needs to match the footage that we have. This means coats, scarves and hats... Following you will find the division of Who's Who and what the look is for each:

Reporters should have both a more dressy look and a more casual. The dressy look to be something for "on air" reporters, like suits, sportcoats/blazers and slacks or skirts, long sleeve shirts and blouses, ties and scarves and jewelry and other accessories. Trench coats and long overcoats are best with this look.
The casual look for Reporters can be one of jeans, khakis with pullover sweaters, cardigans, sweater sets, long sleeve button front shirts and blouses maybe with ties and no sport coat/blazer. More casual outer wear will be fine for this look.

Photographers, Cameramen and Soundmen should bring changes to include jeans and khakis and cargo pants & black or grey pants. Looking for layers here. Vests, sweaters, hoodies, etc. Everyone should bring winter coats in the same neutral color palette as well as any scarves, caps and winter gloves that you have. Nothing too bright or eye-catching. Not too much pattern.

Cop(s) will be provided a uniform from the Costume Department. However, we ask that you bring a white, crew neck tee shirt, black socks and black lace up shoes.

Thanks in advance for bringing great stuff and lots of it. We have to be able to do the multiple day/mulitple person thing, so we will need lots of choices. We are looking forward to meeting you all and will see you on the set!!!

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