Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wednesday 6/6 HOSPITAL & CIA

Hello everyone.  We will be working on a few scenes tomorrow and will be using you all in several different ways.  It is important that everyone bring as many options of the following items so that we have enough to make all our scenes look different.

You will all be working in Hospital scenes and in CIA scenes. 

HOSPITAL  Everyone should bring a pair of medium to dark sneakers without large logos in case you are a nurse.  If you are a nurse you will be given scrubs by the Costume Dept.  Everyone should also bring dress slacks/skirt, long sleeve button front shirts/blouses, ties, and dress shoes in the event that you are a doctor.  The doctors will be given lab coats by the Costume Dept.

CIA  Everyone should bring several options of the following:
business suits, dress shirts/blouses, ties
sport coats/blazers, slacks/skirts
casual long sleeve button front shirts and blouses
sweaters, pullover and cardigan style, sweater sets
khakis and jeans
Shoes that will work with these options

Please, everyone bring all of the above for both sets of clothing.  Regardless of what you may be told that you will be playing, you may also be asked to play something else in addition.  We need everyone to be prepared to play anyone role given to them tomorrow.  There are very few of you so they will want to mix it up.

Thanks in advance for bringing the great stuff.  Look forward to seeing you on the set!!

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