Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hello everyone.  We are happy that you will be joining us as a Background player.  Following you will find the instructions for the costume choices to bring for your roles.

Everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice of the descriptions for your particular role(s), and bring several options for those choices with you.  You should bring everything from your car in with you when you arrive.

The scenes take place in political offices.  The general look is traditional and conservative.  Think Brooks Bros, J Crew, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, etc.  Colors should not be too bright or busy.

BRODY JR STAFFERS, CONGRESSIONAL AIDES & STATESMEN ASSISTANTS should bring several options of the following:
Sport coats/blazers
khakis/ dress slacks/ skirts
long sleeve dress shirts/blouses
ties that are not too bold.
dress shoes and belts to work with your options

CONGRESSMEN, ELDER STATES MAN & WOMAN  should wear a traditional dark suit.  Please bring options of light colored, long sleeve dress shirts/blouses and conservative ties that are not too bold and conservative, understated jewelry.  Black/dark dress shoes and belt.

LOBBYISTS should wear and bring options of the following:
sport coats/blazers
long sleeve dress shirts/blouses
dress slacks/skirts
dress shoes and belts to work with your options

STILL PHOTOGRAPHERS should wear and bring several options of nice casual clothing to include:
dark non ripped jeans, khakis, cargo pants
dark casual and dressy long and short sleeve button front shirts/blouses
sport coats/blazers
long and short sleeve dark pullover shirts/blouses
light weight jackets, vests and hoodies
dress and casual shoes that work with your options

REPORTERS should wear and bring a mix of nice casual as well as business to include options of all of the following:
suits, sport coats/blazers
long sleeve dress and casual shirts and ties
dress slacks/skirts/khakis
cardigan sweaters and light weight jackets
Don't forget your shoes and other accessories that work with your options.

Thanks to everyone in advance for visiting the blog and for bringing all the great stuff.  We look forward to meeting you and we'll see you on the set!!

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