Thursday, June 7, 2012


Greetings everyone.  We're going to a cocktail party!  Of course you'll probably get apple juice instead of champagne, but you'll look good, right?
Some of you will have to work on Capitol Hill before the party, but that will just amp up the anticipation. :-)

Following you will find the instructions for the roles that you are playing as Background on Friday 6/8.
Some of you will need both clothes for Capitol Hill and the Cocktail Party.  Please make sure that you read instructions for both and bring the appropriate clothes for both.

Everyone should come dressed in your first, best choice of the first role that you are playing and we will also choose the second look, if you have one.

Up first will be the RAYBURN HOUSE.  All of you will also be COCKTAIL GUESTS so please read and bring those items with you too.

CONGRESSMEN should all wear and bring dark suits, medium to light colored dress shirts and conservative ties that are not too bold.  These are powerful men and women and need to look the part.  Don't forget your dark dress shoes and belts.  Please bring a white shirt and some darker ties that will work with your suits for the Cocktail Party.

CONGRESSIONAL AIDES are probably younger than the Congressmen and should not look as powerful.  Sport coats/blazers, dress shirts/blouses, slacks/skirts, khakis, dress shirts and ties.  This look is a bit more preppy because of the age.  Guys, Varsity striped ties are a great way to go, but please bring options.

SECRETARIES & LOBBYISTS should have a professional look but not necessarily all business suits.  Suits, sport coats/blazers, dress shirts/blouses, cardigans and sweater sets and slacks/skirts.  Nothing too bold or colorful.

VISITORS should bring a mix of business casual to include khakis, skirts, polo shirts, long and short sleeve casual shirts, sport coats/blazers, light weight jackets and cardigans.  Nothing with any large logos or artwork and nothing too bright or busy.

CAPITOL POLICE will be given a uniform by the Costume Dept.  You should bring with you a white, crew neck undershirt and black socks.

Then the COMMODORE HOTEL.  You will also be working at the Cocktail Party, please read and bring clothes for both.

BEIRUT HOTEL GUEST should bring any traditional clothing from this region if you have any.  You should also bring choices of western style clothing to include for men:  khaki pants, dress slacks, long and short sleeve casual shirts, polo shirts, sports coat/blazer, dress and casual shoes.  For women:  dresses, skirts and tops, trousers and dress slacks, leggings, long sleeve casual tops, flats and other shoes appropriate for these types of clothing.

BEIRUT WAITER should wear and bring a long sleeve button front shirt that can be closed at the neck to wear a tie.  Black pants and black dress shoes and socks.  Don't forget your black belt.

And then the DC HOTEL for the Cocktail Party...

COCKTAIL BARTENDERS, WAITERS, WAITRESSES should all wear and bring a long sleeve white dress shirt that can be closed at the neck to wear a tie.  Full length black pants, black closed toe shoes that you can serve in, black socks and a black belt if your pants require a belt.

SECRET SERVICE should wear dark suits in black, grey or navy.  You should have a white button front, long sleeve dress shirt and tie choices that are darker and without much pattern.  Nothing too bold for the ties.  Don't forget your black dress shoes, belt and dark socks.

COCKTAIL GUESTS We are going for a very monochromatic look and feel to work with the set. Grey, silver, taupe, tan, black and metallic fabrics will all coordinate nicely and feel very tonal.  This is a cocktail party, no formal gowns, but we want everyone to look fantastic.  It's a night out and you're dressed for it. 
Gentlemen should all wear and bring dark suits of black, navy, dark brown, grey.  Light colored dress shirts;
white, cream, pale blue, pale grey.  Ties should be dark and without too much bright color or bold pattern.  If you have ties with some of the colors listed above, please bring those too.
Ladies should all wear cocktail outfits.  This could be a dress, a stunning silk blouse and dress slacks, a fantastic skirt and top.  Please do not bring all black!!!  Bring as many different tones from above that you can.  There can be shimmer and shine, but remember we are playing Washington, DC and your outfits should be tasteful and conservative.  You could include wraps, pashminas and other articles to elevate your outfits.  Don't forget your wonderful jewelry and fantastic shoes to complete the outfits.

Thanks in advance to everyone for pulling together all your best stuff and coming to work with us tomorrow.  We look forward to seeing you on the set!

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