Friday, June 22, 2012


Greetings everyone.  Hope you have had or are having a great weekend!  Got a few folks working with us on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Following you will find instructions for what to bring for your roles as Background players.

Please come dressed in your first, best choice but bring all of your options with you so that we may have a look.  Everything should come with you from your car upon arrival.

CIA TECHS should wear and bring several options of the following items:
long and short sleeve tees without logos or artwork in medium to dark colors
long and short sleeve pullover shirts in medium to dark colors
long and short sleeve button front shirts in medium to dark colors
hoodies, light weight jackets and vests in medium dark colors
dark, non ripped jeans, dark cargo pants or dark slacks
dark casual shoes to work with your options.
This is a layered look so the more things you bring the better we will be able to make you look.

Thanks in advance for bringing the great stuff.  See you on the set!!

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