Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello everyone.  Everything seems to be going great for the beginnings of the second season.  We are getting our groove back and rolling along.  We look forward to seeing our friends from last year again.

Tomorrow we are shooting 3 different scenarios tomorrow and 2 different screen days.  That means that everyone needs to pay very close attention to what you read here and follow as closely as possible.

Everyone will be able to look below to find what kinds of things you should bring for the roles you have been assigned.  Please bring enough options that we can pull 2 different looks out, for the 2 screen days.

Everyone should come in their first, best choice based on what you read here in the blog.  Bring the rest of your options with you so that we can look everything over, but come dressed as your character based on the information you find below.

CIA GUARDS & SECRET SERVICE should all come with dark suits; black, navy, dark grey.  Very small and subtle pattern in the suit is acceptable but nothing very distinctive.  These suits should just "blend in."  You should all wear white, long sleeve button front shirts and bring tie choices that are dark with very little color or pattern.  Don't forget your black dress shoes and belt, and black or dark socks.

CIA SUITS should wear and bring med to dark suits; tan, brown, grey, navy and black.  You should wear and bring choices of lighter colored shirts/blouses; light blue, tan, light grey, cream, white.  Small pattern is fine in the shirts as long as it is not too busy or bold.  Some of you from last year may remember that bold, small striping has a tendency to "buzz" as we call it.  You should bring darker ties. They may have color and pattern, but again, nothing too or busy.  Don't forget your dress shoes and socks and dress belts.

CIA ANALYSTS are the mid-level of dress.  These folks should wear and bring several options of things to include sport coats/blazers, ties, khakis, slacks and skirts.  Long sleeve button front dress and casual shirts/blouses.  Light weight sweaters, cardigans, vests.  Don't forget the shoes and belts and other accessories that would work with your clothing choices.

CIA TECHS are the most casual level of dress.  You should wear and bring several options of things to include khakis, slacks/skirts, nice non-ripped jeans.  Sweaters and cardigans and light weight jackets.  Polo shirts without logos and long sleeved casual button front shirts and blouses.  Don't forget the shoes for your choices.

4-STAR GENERAL, MILITARY BRASS AND AIDES & PENTAGON POLICE will all be given uniforms by the Costume Dept, unless you are Military and wearing your own uniform.  All of you should bring a white, crew neck undershirt and black socks.

Some of you will be told that we are using you and your cars at the last location for the BAR PARKING LOT.  Those of you will need to bring casual clothes for this change.  You should bring non-ripped jeans, khakis, slacks and skirts, long and short sleeve casual shirts and tops, lightweight jackets and hoodies.   Don't forget to bring casual shoes for this change as well.

Once again, let me say everyone should have enough for two different days.  And everyone should come already dressed in their first best choice and bring the options with you.  Make sure you have read all of the categories that apply to you and bring everything needed from each category.

Thanks in advance for all that you do to come with the right things.  We really appreciate it and couldn't do this show without you guys.  See you on the set!!

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