Friday, June 1, 2012

Monday 6/4 VP'S HOUSE & BAR

Hello everyone.  We are going to do a 180 on Monday.  We'll be at the Vice President's house and then off to a bar.  Not bad, right? :-)

Following find instructions for the clothing options you'll need in your roles as Background Players:
Please bring several options of all the things that we ask so that we can put together a great picture.  The more you bring the better we can make you look....the better you look the more the camera wants to see you.


We are playing the current season of Spring.

Some of you may have been told that you are playing two different roles. If so, please read all the categories that apply to you and bring the options for each.

UPSCALE WOMEN are playing Washington socialites, committee chairs and the like.  They are meeting for a tea at the VP's house to talk over an event.  Their clothes should be casually elegant.  The look is very Brook Bros, JCrew.  If you have the most recent catalouges from these stores, take a look.  The style of what we want are straight from there.  We would like the clothes to have a subdued, but not somber effect.  Color, but not too colorful.  The softer colors of Spring will play better than the bolder colors of Summer.  But please do not bring me a suitcase full of black. :-)  Neutrals like dove grey, taupe, tan, navy are also good choices.  Bright white is not good for camera and should not be part of your choices.  Pale yellows, creams and off whites will work.  The key is to bring as many of the following things that you have in all colors so that we can put it all together. You should bring:
twin sets
pullover cashmere sweaters
long and short sleeve dress blouses
silk blouses and shells
skirts, both casual and dressy
dress slacks and trousers
Don't forget your great shoes and jewelry to go with all your choices.

NAVAL AIDE & UNIFORMED GUARD will be given uniforms by the Costume Dept.  Both should bring a white crew neck undershirt and black socks

SECRET SERVICE should wear a dark suit, black, grey or dark navy.  You should have a white long sleeve button front dress shirt and a choice of dark ties with little to no bold pattern or colors.  Don't forget your dark dress shoes, belt and socks

BAR PATRONS should bring a mix of casual clothing to include jeans, khakis, long and short sleeve casual shirts and tops, long and short sleeve tees with no logos, light weight sweaters and jackets.  Color and pattern are good, just nothing too busy or bold. Casual, closed toe shoes to work with your clothing options.

BARTENDER & WAITRESSES should all wear dark wash jeans and black long or short sleeve tees with no logos or artwork.  Black sneakers or other comfortable shoes.  No open toe sandals or high heels, you will actually be working.

PLATOON MATES should all bring several choices of casual clothing to include long and short sleeve casual button front shirts, long and short sleeve tees with no logos, polo shirts with no large logos or artwork, light weight jackets.  Color and pattern is good, just nothing too bold or busy.  Choices of both jeans and khakis.  Casual shoes to work with your clothing options.

Thank you in advance for all the great things that I know you will bring.  Have a great weekend and we'll...
See you on the set!

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  1. Stephen, hoping you can help. I worked on Monday and inadvertently left two of my own tops at wardrobe. Any I can get them back?