Friday, June 29, 2012


Hello everyone.  Hope are having, or have had a great weekend.  Following find the instructions for what to bring as options for your wardrobe.

Everyone should wear their first, best choice of the descriptions listed below, and bring your options with you.  You should bring everything with you when you come to check in.  Do not leave your clothes in your car.

We are shooting in what we are calling Gettysburg.  The look is casual yet traditional and conservative.  The color palette is a basic one.  Neutrals, greys, blues, navy, dk green, burgundy, brown, tan, cream.  Texture and pattern are good, just nothing too bold or busy.  We do not want anyone to look "urban" ie: hip hop, athletic clothing with names on it, etc.

TOWN PASSERSBY should all wear and bring several options of the following types of clothing:
non-ripped plain jeans, khakis, slacks & skirts
sport coats/blazers, light weight jackets, cardigans and light sweaters
long and short sleeve button front shirts and blouses
long and short sleeve pullover shirts and blouses
polo shirts

DELIVERY GUY  should bring a pair of black or navy pants.  Black shoes or sneakers, black socks and a white undershirt with no logo or art work

COOK should wear and bring several choices of jeans, khakis, long and short sleeve tees, long and short sleeve button front shirts.  This is a road side truck-stop/diner so you should not look to good.  Bring us things that are worn out and faded.  The Costume Dept will provide you with an apron.  Bring some sneakers to wear.

Thanks in advance for bringing all the good stuff.  We look forward to working with you and will 
see you on the set!!

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