Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello all.  Tomorrow will be a change around kind of day.  Most everyone will be asked to play several roles and thus everyone should bring options for all of the following categories.  Will be choosing everything that you wear for the whole day first thing in the morning.

Everyone should come dressed in your first best choice for the CAR WASH segment and bring options for that AND should bring from your car the options for the rest of the day.

First the CAR WASH...
BG  W/ CARS should bring casual clothing to include non-ripped jeans, khakis, skirts, long and short sleeve casual tops, long and short sleeve long sleeve shirts/blouses, light weight jackets and cardigan sweaters.  Don't forget your casual shoes to work with your outfits.

EMPLOYEES W/ CARS & EMPLOYEES will be given a shirt by the Costume Department.  You should all bring choices of pants that include non-ripped basic jeans, khakis, cargo pants.  Don't forget your sneakers without large logos on them.  The EMPLOYEES W/ CARS will go on to finish the day.  The EMPLOYEES will only have this one change.

Then everyone goes to the CIA.....
Everyone should bring the following based on what you are told you are playing:
CIA TECHS are the most casually dressed at the CIA.  You should bring several options of the following:
Long and short sleeve casual button front shirts/blouses
Long and short sleeve casual pullover shirts/blouses (no tees)
Pullover light weight sweaters and cardigans and sweater vests
Light weight jackets/windbreakers
Hoodies and zip front jackets
Don't forget your shoes to go with these options.

CIA JR & SR ANALYSTS are the mid range of dress at the CIA.  You should bring several options of the following:
Sport coats/blazers
Long and short sleeve casual and dress shirts/blouses
Polo shirts
Pullover light weight sweaters and cardigan style sweaters
Don't forget your shoes and other accessories to go with these options.

CIA  AGENTS / SUITS  are the highest level of dress at the CIA.  You should bring several options of the following:
Medium to dark suits
Long sleeve dress shirts/blouses
Don't forget your dress shoes and belts to work with these options.

CIA SECURITY GUARDS should all bring dark suits and white shirts and dark ties.  Dark dress shoes and belts.

And lastly, the BUSINESSMEN PHOTO...
Everyone should bring business suit options for this change.  Those of you that are playing AGENTS / SUITS will already have suits so just make sure you have several choices of suits / shirts / ties that we can pull a second look from your choices.  If you are not already bring business attire for your other roles then please bring business looks for the photograph.  Suits should be medium to dark suits, lighter colored shirts and conservative ties.  Ties can be colorful, just nothing too bold or bright.

I know it's alot to bring but you will all be playing in all the scenes and they all need to be dressed correctly.  Please remember to bring options of every different kind of look.

Thanks in advance for bringing all the great stuff and we will see you on the set!

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