Friday, June 15, 2012


Greetings everyone.  Hope that you all are having (or had) a great weekend.  Following you will find the information about the clothing choices we would like you to bring for your work as a Background Player on Monday, 6/18.

Everyone should come dressed in their first best choice of the descriptions that apply to your roles, and bring your other options with you.

COLTON PREP SCHOOL KIDS should come dressed in your choice of a blue, white or yellow long sleeve button down shirt.  Boys should wear either well fitting tan khaki pants or well fitting navy blue pants.  Nothing to big and baggy, please.  Girls shoud wear either a tan khaki or navy blue, knee length skirt or tan or navy knee length walking shorts.  The following items should also come with you:

GUYS should all bring a navy blazer & ties to wear with their uniform.  The school colors are blue, yellow and white.  Ties can be these colors, but they do not have to be.  Striped and plaid ties are especially good because the look young and preppy.  In addition to the blazer you may bring other items in the school colors such as hoodies, rugby shirts, cardigan sweaters and V Neck sweaters.  These items do not have to be solid.  They could have stripes, plaids, etc.
Shoes should be closed toe loafers, bucks, boat shoes, lace up shoes, etc. NO ATHLETIC SHOES OR SNEAKERS.

GIRLS should all bring a navy cardigan.  In addition you may also bring other items in the school colors that will spice up your outfit.  For example; argyle sweaters and sweater vests, yellow cardigans and V Neck pullovers, hoodies in navy, yellow or grey, neck ties or ribbons for your blouse, socks that will match your uniform, etc.
Shoes should be closed toe loafers, bucks, flats, boat shoes, etc.  NO ATHLETIC SHOES OR SNEAKERS.

Please bring your school bag to use as a prop.  It can be a backpack, satchel, book bag or whatever you carry your school books in.  This is a private school so the bags should not look ratty or too worn.  Also, they cannot have large logos or artwork that is recognizable.  If you don't have a bag to bring, don't worry, the Props Dept will lend you one of theirs.

COLTON PREP SCHOOL TEACHERS should all look as good and professional as the students described above.  Women should bring options of long sleeve dress blouses, knee length skirts, cardigans and light weight jackets, knee length dresses and shoes that work with all your options.  Think J Crew, Brooks Bros, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren & Ann Taylor.
Men should bring options of long sleeve dress shirts, ties, suits sports coats and slacks or khakis.  Think Brooks Bros, J Crew, Banana Republic.  Don't forget the shoes that will work with these clothes.
These women will also all play UPSCALE BUSINESS WOMEN later in the day, so read the instructions for that role below and bring options of those items as well.

BG & PARENTS WITH CARS should all wear and bring several options.  You will be the parents at the school first and then the ladies will become UPSCALE BUSINESS WOMEN.  The look for the PARENTS is nice casual to include khakis, slacks/skirts, long and short sleeve nice casual tops, cardigans and light weight jackets.  This look is more Country Club.  J Crew, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic.  You are dropping your kids off at a Prep School, after all. :-)  Just keep the look a bit more neutral and not quite as bright as golf clothes.
UPSCALE BUSINESS WOMEN are just that.  Medium to dark suits, lighter shirts/blouses, conservative jewelry and shoes.  Think Brooks Bros, Ralph Lauren.

HOTEL MANAGER should bring options of dark suits, lighter shirts and conservative ties.  Don't forget your dark dress shoes and belt for your suits.

NAVY SEALS should wear and bring options of all of the following:  Medium to dark suits, sport coats, dress and casual slacks, light wind breakers, dress and casual button front and pullover shirts, dark ties, dress and casual shoes.  These guys are meant to blend in to the other hotel guests so please bring as many of the options that you have so that we can put together a good group.

Thanks in advance for bringing all the good stuff.  We will see you on the set!!

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