Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello everyone.  We are glad that you will be working with us tomorrow.  We will have lots of folks playing tomorrow and lots of different roles.  Following please find the instructions for what to bring for your costume options in these roles.  Several of you will have more than one change and will need to bring a couple of different things, so read the instructions for your characters carefully.

Everyone should come dressed in your first best option and bring the rest of the choices with you so that we may have a look.  You should not leave anything in your car.  Everything should come in with you when you arrive to check in with the AD department.  They will then turn you over to the Costume Dept.

Let us begin....
UNIFORMED MARINES  will be getting a uniform from the Costume Dept.  Please bring with you a white short sleeve crew neck (round) undershirt and a pair of black socks.

BARTENDERS should wear and bring a pair of long, black dress pants, a white long sleeve button front dress shirt, black socks and black shoes.  You will receive other articles from the Costume Dept.

TECH STAFF should wear and bring dark pants of black, navy or grey.  Black long sleeve button front shirts and black long sleeve tee shirts without any artwork or logos.  Also bring dark sweaters, hoodies and light weight jackets.

WAIT STAFF will have two different looks.  You should all wear a long sleeve white button down shirt and a pair of long khaki pants and casual shoes in tans or browns.  You also need to bring with you a long pair of black pants, Black shoes and black socks.  Don't forget belts go go with both looks.

HOTEL STAFF  should all wear a long sleeve white button down shirt and black dress pants or black skirt no higher than a couple of inches above the knee.  You should have black dress shoes that are comfortable to wear and look business appropriate.

SECRET SERVICE should all wear and bring options of a dark suit; black, navy or dark grey.  A white long sleeve dress shirt and dark ties options.  Don't forget your black/dark dress shoes and belt to work with your options.

STRING QUARTET  If you guys are an actual String Quartet and have Formal wear that you normally play in like tuxedos and black dresses etc, then please bring those things.  If, however that is not what you normally wear we would like you to bring a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie if you are a man, and a black conservative dress with black shoes if you are a woman.


This will be a cocktail party level of dress.  We are going to narrow the parameters of the term “Cocktail Party” just a little bit.  No long, formal evening gown.  Shorter dresses around the knee are preferred.  We would prefer the shimmer and bling to come more from the ladies’ jewelry and the fabrics of the clothing (i.e.: silks and satins).  No full sequin dresses as they will come off feeling a bit too night club-y.  We are shooting this as Washington DC and therefore the feeling should be one of sophistication, class & conservative traditions.  This doesn’t mean we want you to look dull.  Bring the best jewels and shoes; just pair them with something a bit more demure.

LADIES   Our leading lady is wearing a red dress, so we would ask that you bring colors other than red for your options.  We would like there to be color, so please do not bring black options only, if you can help it.  Jewel tones would be the preferred palette; teal, purple, burgundy, navy and other blues, greens.  Other more neutral tones would also make good options; greys, silver, gold, copper, taupe and cream.  We want to avoid the soft colors of Spring like pale pink, pale blue, pale yellow, etc.  Also, no bright white.

Beautiful, statement jewelry and other fine accessories like silk wraps can elevate a more simple dress.  Do not hesitate to bring these along with your options. 

GENTLEMEN   Your look will be pretty clean and simple.  We would like all men to wear a dark suit of black, grey, navy and a long sleeve dress shirt of either cream or white.  The suits do not have to be solid and can have some subtle texture, such as a small pinstripe.  Ties should be generally dark and can have some color and pattern, but nothing too bold or bright.  We want the ladies to be the color of the evening.  A note about ties:  A solid black tie with a dark suit tends to look like a uniform.  We will be putting our wait staff in black and white.  A tie does not need to be colorless or without pattern to be considered “dark.”  Dark dress shoes and dark socks will complete your look for the evening.

MILITARY that were fit at the Costume Shop will get their uniforms from the Costume Dept.  You should bring a white short sleeve undershirt and black socks.

VET AMPUTEES AND WOUNDED VETS Some of you may have been fit by the Costume Dept.  If so please read above for MILITARY.  If you were not fit by the Costume Dept and have your own Dress Uniform for you respective branch, please wear/bring that.  If you do not have the military uniform please read the information for the VP FRIENDS / GUESTS and follow the instructions there for your respective gender.

Thanks in advance for bringing all the great stuff.  Please bring as many choices as you have based on the descriptions.  We look forward to seeing you on the set!!

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