Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hello all. Welcome to Homeland. Some of you may have been with us before and know how this works. For those of you who have not, here's the skinny...

Following you will find instructions for the clothes to bring for the next two days for your roles as Background Players. Also you will find other helpful hints and suggestions. Please read everything carefully and bring as many options of the kinds of clothing requested that you have. That will help us make the best choices for everyone.

We are playing Summer in our story. We would prefer the more muted, softer colors of Spring than the bold, bright colors of summer. Good colors are pale greens and blues, soft yellows and red, dk green, navy, grey, brown, tan, cream, etc. Pattern and texture are great, just nothing too bold or busy. Although there will be many different kinds of people, we will want the group as a whole to have a visual cohesion, with no one person or persons standing out too much because of color or a pattern that is too busy. Please choose things that do not have large, obvious logos or artwork as we cannot use them because of licensing issues.

GENERAL NOTES: It will probably be cool when you report in the morning but warm up as the day goes on. Whatever we establish you in on camera has to stay the same for the next two days. Please bring something to keep you warm when you arrive and off camera, but understand that it will need to look like warm weather on screen. A couple of lighter layers is the best way to accomplish this.

You will be wearing the same clothes for the next two days. Whatever we see you in on Monday will have to be repeated exactly on Tuesday. We will not be keeping your things overnight so you will be responsible for bringing the exact same things that you wore on both days.

Everyone will be asked to run in the scene, so please remember this when choosing your shoe choices.

In the interest of getting everyone ready in the morning, you should wear your first, best choice of the things described and bring your other options for those clothes with you. We have a short amount of time to get everyone looked at and ready, and this will be helpful because you may choose the perfect thing and we won't have to change you. This goes for those of you that are playing Business Men and Women as well. It may be less comfortable to wear your choice in, but it will save tremendous amounts of time. Thank you!

Final note. Many of you may be positioned in the "kill zone" of the explosion in the script. There is no real explosion, don't worry. The reason I bring this up is that on Tuesday we will be shooting the portion after the blast so we may have to dust you down with our stage dust and some of you may have blood applied as if you have been hurt. These are items that are formulated to come out of clothing. That's why we use them. This is just advance notice of what may happen. If you have options on the clothes that we are asking you to bring that you consider precious, please don't bring those

Here we go....

WALKER LOOK ALIKE will be provided clothing by the costume dept. Please bring a black pair of socks to wear.

BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN please bring options of business suits, shirts/ties, blouses, sport coats and slacks and skirts. Keep the shirts and blouses lighter in color. Don't forget your shoes and belts to go with these. Also, the Prop Dept is asking that you bring a briefcase or work bag to carry with you. BUSINESS MEN should also include a pair of khaki pants, a polo type shirt and a light weight jacket or windbreaker.

TEACHER, TEACHER'S AIDE, SCHOOL KIDS should all bring options of clothing appropriate to wear to school. Teacher and Aide should bring choices to include slacks and skirts, blouses and light weight sweaters and jackets. Kids should bring long pants/jeans, skirts, dresses, sneakers that are not too bright. Remember not to bring things with logos or identifiable artwork. For example, no Disney or Dora the Explorer. The kids should also bring their school backpacks/bags.

ARTIST & DRUMMER should bring options to include jeans, cargos, tees, hoodies, pullover and button front tops, light weight jackets and sweaters. Caps would be good. Think artistically and bohemian.

PANHANDLER should bring less nice things. If you have gardening or yard clothes that kind of thing would be great. Flannel shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, light jackets, jeans or pants that have stains or look old, sneakers that have seen better days, work boots, knit caps. A down-on-your-luck look.

MOM WITH STROLLER should bring options that include jeans and tops, sweaters, jogging or exercise suits if you have them, sneakers.

TEEN GIRLS should bring choices to include jeans that are more basic and not ripped, tops both long and short sleeve, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies and light weight jackets. You should also bring backpacks.

SKATEBOARDERS should bring choices of boarding clothes to include jeans, tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and light weight jackets, sneakers. Also bring any accessories that you like such as chain wallets, bandannas, etc. You should also bring your skateboards!

FAMILY OF 4 & TOURISTS should bring options to include everyday casual clothing such as non-ripped jeans, khakis, cargos, button front tops, pullover tops, polo shirts, sweaters and light weight jackets. Tourists could bring some cameras and camera cases.

CHAUFFEUR should bring your black suit and white shirt. Black shoes and belt.

CIA, FRANKLIN & PATRELLI should all bring options of dark suits and light colored dress shirts with ties. We would also like you to bring a more casual option to include khaki pants, jeans and polo type shirts and a light weight jacket.

Again a reminder to wear your first best options and bring the rest of your choices with you.
Thanks in advance for coming to work with us on HOMELAND and for bringing all the good stuff. We look forward to meeting you. See you on the set!!

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