Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello everyone. Welcome to HOMELAND. Following you will find instructions on what to bring for your roles tomorrow, 10/19.

We are playing Late Summer/Early Fall in our story, so much like the current weather outside. The colors that you bring should be from the season and you can also include some of the muted, softer colors of Spring. Just nothing too bright or bold, like the colors that you see in the Summer.
Texture and pattern are good and welcome, just nothing too busy or bold. And please, nothing with large obvious logos.

We will be shooting tomorrow, rain or shine, so please let that inform your choices and include raincoats that you could wear on camera and shoes that might be "water-friendly."

HOTEL MAID should bring choices of khaki pants and light blue long sleeve button front shirts. Also please bring a pair of sneakers. Nothing too white, please. The Costume Department will give you a smock as a uniform piece.

GUESTS WITH CARS & FAMILY OF 4 should all bring options of casual clothing to include non-ripped jeans, khakis, cargo pants, long sleeve button front and pullover shirts/blouses, light weight jackets, cardigans and light weight sweaters, hoodies.

RE-ENACTOR WITH CAR should bring choices of the wonderful period clothing that you use for re-enactments. The scenes prior to these in the script have the family in Gettysburg, so some military clothing in your options would be nice.

Thank you all in advance for bringing all the good stuff. We look forward to meeting you.
See you on the set!!!

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