Monday, October 3, 2011


Hello all. This post will give you information about what you will need for tomorrow, Tuesday, 10/4.

Most of you will be returning from Monday, 10/3 and will need to bring and wear exactly what you wore on camera then. This is a matching sequence that will continue the action further so everyone must look the same.

If you are not returning and will be new additions tomorrow, please scroll down and read the previous post. This will give you the information that everyone used to dress for Monday. The exceptions to this are the COPS, FIREMEN & FBI. These categories will be listed below in this post.

DC COPS will be given uniforms by the Costume Dept. Please bring a white, crew neck tee shirt, black socks and black ankle boots or solid black lace sneakers.

FIREMEN should have already been contacted by our Background Casting director, Tona. As per her instructions, please bring the uniform/turnout gear that you would be wearing to respond to a fire/emergency. As I understand, this should include the helmet, jacket and stirrup boots. You know what you would need, please bring it all, with our thanks!

FBI should bring choices of dark business suits, white, cream and other light colored dress shirts, and dark, simply patterned ties. Don't forget your black/dark dress shoes and belts.

Again, if you were given a role that is not listed here, please refer to the post below this one to get any information that you need.

Thanks in advance to everyone for coming and bringing all the right stuff!! We look forward to seeing you on the set!!

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