Friday, October 14, 2011


Hello everyone. Welcome to HOMELAND. For those of you that have not been with us before, here's how it works.....

Following you will find information about the Background Characters that you have been asked to play and the things that we would like you to bring for those roles. Please bring as many options of the things requested so that we have choices. The more choices we have, the better we are able to make everyone look.

We are playing Late Summer/Early Fall in our story. So weather and temperature much like we are having now here in North Carolina. The color palette for this should be muted, softer colors and things that look like they might be faded or not "brand new." Texture and pattern are good just nothing too bold or busy. Please refrain from bringing clothing with large obvious logos or artwork on them.

We will be shooting both inside and outside the diner, and in true Hollywood fashion, we will be asking many of you to play folks in both places. That means that we need enough clothing choices for everyone to have two different looks. So please bring plenty of the things listed below.

This is meant to be a diner in the middle of nowhere beside a roadside hotel, so the customers are not to look too upscale. The upside of that is you will all be comfortable:-)

PATRONS should all bring several choices of casual clothing to include things like jeans, khakis, cargo pants, long and short sleeve casual button front shirts/blouses, long and short sleeve pullover shirts/tops and tee shirts. Everyone should bring choices of light weight sweaters and cardigans, hoodies and light weight jackets. Casual shoes/boots that would work with your options. Men bring caps that don't have obvious logos. Ladies bring purses/handbags that will work with your clothing options.

WAITRESSES, BARTENDER, CASHIER & BUSBOY will all be given shirts that will serve as your "uniform" for the diner. Everyone should bring choices of nice, non-ripped jeans, khakis and cargo pants. Also, please bring choices of shoes to include casual shoes like TopSiders and sneakers. Don't forget your belts. Ladies your jewelry choices should be small and simple.

COOK should bring choices of non-ripped jeans and khaki/Docker type pants. Please also bring a few choices of long sleeve button front shirts and short sleeve shirts. Casual shoes and sneakers. Also, bring some choices of hats without logos, if you have them.

Thanks in advance to everyone for bringing great stuff. We look forward to meeting all of you.
See you on the set!!

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