Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello everyone. Welcome to HOMELAND. Following you will find instructions for what to bring for your BG characters on Monday, 10/31.

Everyone should bring several options of the things listed for your characters as we are shooting several screen days and we will need to pull multiple outfits from your choices.

We are shooting the current season and weather, Fall. Not wanting things to look to Wintry, but sweaters, light weight jackets are certainly in order. The color palette should also reflect the current season. Pattern and texture are good, just nothing too bold or busy.

Please make sure that you bring long underwear/silks if you think that you will need them when we shoot outside in the morning. The Costume Dept will not be able to provide those items to everyone.

VP WIFE should bring choices of neutral to dark skirt suits, also jewel toned skirt suits, classic simple dark long sleeve dresses (something appropriate for a somber occasion). Sweater sets and skirts would also be a nice option. The kind of suit/jacket that you have in the photo that you sent to Tona is the kind of conservative look that we are going for. Politicians wife. Blouses should be simple and conservative in softer, lighter colors. Please bring a selection of simple, elegant jewelry. Conservative, closed toe pumps/shoes to work with your outfit choices.

VP SECRET SERVICE should bring dark suits in navy, black or grey. Women should bring dark slack suits. Shirts and blouses should be white long sleeve with a non-button down collar. Men should bring dark, simple ties with minimal pattern. Don't forget your black dress shoes and belts to work with your outfits.

should all bring dark business suits and lighter colored shirts/blouses. Please include a white shirt or blouse and also include some lighter colors like tan, cream, light grey, light blue. The look is conservative, Washington politician. Men's ties should also be conservative, nothing too bright or too busy. Women's jewelry should be simple and elegant.

HEAD OF DEMOCRATIC NAT'L COMMITTEE should bring choices of dark suits in navy, black or grey. Conservative, lawyer looking with lighter colored dress shirts like white, tan, cream, light grey, light blue. Ties should also be conservative and restrained. Color is fine, just nothing too bright. Also ties should be simple in pattern.

ON AIR REPORTERS AND NEWS REPORTERS should bring an assortment of nice casual to business dress. This should include slacks, skirts, long sleeve button front shirts/blouses, cardigans and pullover sweaters, light weight jackets. You should also bring suits and sport coats/blazers, ties and other accessories. Long sleeve dress shirts and blouses, in lighter colors, to go with the suits and blazers Men's ties should not be too bright of too busy and women's jewelry should be simple and understated.

CAMERAMEN should bring clothing choices that will give us a layered look. This should include khakis, cargo pants, nice non-ripped jeans, long sleeve button front and pullover shirts/blouses, sweaters, hoodies and lightweight jackets. If you have caps that do not have large, obvious logos or artwork on them, please bring them as well. Any other interesting accessories please bring and we can have a look.

ADMIRAL, MARINE STAFF SERGEANT & THE BUNKER MILITARY BRASS will receive uniforms from the Costume Dept. Please bring with you a white, crew neck plain tee shirt and black socks.

WAITER AND WAITRESS should bring a pair of black pants and black skirt. Plain white, long sleeve button front dress shirt and blouse. Please bring simple black shoes that could be worn to work in. Black lace up or solid black sneakers and black flats.

PASSERBY should bring options of nice casual clothes to include khakis, slacks, skirts, long sleeve button front and pullover shirts and blouses, sweaters and light weight jackets. Nice neighborhood, think "out for an evening stroll."

Thanks in advance to everyone for coming and bringing all the right stuff! We look forward to meeting all of you. See you on the set!!

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