Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Greetings everyone. Welcome to HOMELAND. If you have worked with us in the past you know how this goes. For those of you that have not....

Following you will find instructions for what clothes to bring in your roles as Background Players. Some of you will be told that you will be playing different roles in multiple scenes. Please read the descriptions and requests for each to be able to bring what we need for each role.

We are playing Late Summer in our story. We would prefer, however, the softer, more muted colors of Spring to the overly bright colors of Summer. Pale blues and greens, soft yellows, dk green, navy, brown, tan, grey, black. Texture and pattern are great, just nothing too busy or bold.

SAUDI CHAUFFEUR should bring black shoes and black belt. Costumes will provide the remaining part of the costume.

PEDESTRIANS should bring a mix of business casual to business clothing including:

business suits, shirts/blouses and ties
sport coats/blazers
long and short sleeve button front shirts/blouses
khakis, slacks, skirts, non-ripped jeans
light weight sweaters, cardigans
appropriate shoes for all your clothing choices

BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN should bring choices of medium to dark business suits with shirts/blouses and ties. Sport coats/blazers with slacks and skirts. Ties should not be too bright or overly busy. Don't forget your dress shoes and belts for these looks. Women should bring appropriate handbags.

DELIVERY MAN & SECURITY GUARD will be given a uniform by the Costume Dept. However, you should bring a white crew neck tee, black socks and black ankle boots or solid black sneakers.

UPSCALE NEIGHBOR should bring nice casual clothing to include khakis, slacks, skirts, long and short sleeve button front and pullover blouses, light weight sweaters and cardigans, light weight jackets. Don't forget the appropriate shoes for these choices.

Thanks in advance for bringing all the right things. See you on the set!!!

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