Friday, October 7, 2011


Hello everyone. Thanks for joining us on HOMELAND. Some of you may have worked with us in the past and know how this goes, if you have not, then I'll tell ya....

Following you will find the categories and names of the characters that you will be playing on Monday. With these you will find the specs of the things that we would like you to bring for these roles. Please bring as many choices of the things that you find here. The more choices we have, the better we are able to make everyone look.

We are playing Late Summer/Early Fall in the story. It is not cold yet, but it is not Summer hot anymore. Kind of like it is outside right now. The palette can be on of softer, muted colors, nothing to bright or overly saturated. Tans, browns, pale blues and greens, soft yellows, rusts, dark green, navy, grey, cream, denim/chambray blue, etc. Texture and pattern are good, just nothing too busy or too bold.

ND VISITORS, ELDERLY TOURISTS, ASIAN TOURISTS, TEACHER & TEACHERS AIDE should all bring options of casual clothing to include khakis, non ripped jeans, cargo pants, skirts and dresses. Long and short sleeve button front casual shirts/tops, long and short sleeve casual pullover shirts and tops. Comfortable shoes meant for walking. No flip flops will be on camera so if you wear them please bring something else like a sneaker or other casual shoe to be worn on camera. Also everyone should bring a cardigan or light weight jacket or hoodie to wear as a thin outer layer, should we need them. The Props Dept has asked that you all bring things like backpacks, handbags, camera bags and the like. Things that you would see tourists in these outdoor settings carrying.

SCHOOL KIDS should all bring several choices of casual clothing that you would wear to school or on a field trip. These should include pants, khakis, jeans, skirts and dresses, long and short sleeve button front and pullover tops. Please also bring a light weight jacket, cardigan or light pullover sweater and hoodies. Please do not bring anything with specific logos or artwork on them as we cannot use them. For example, don't bring anything that is obviously Disney or Dora Explorer, etc. We are not licensed to use these kinds of items without getting clearance on them.
Everyone should bring sneakers or boots or any other comfortable shoes that will work with the clothes you bring. Also, all SCHOOL KIDS should bring their backpacks/school bags.

PARK RANGERS & BUS DRIVER will be given a uniform by the Costume Dept. Please bring with you a white, crew neck, short sleeve tee shirt/undershirt, black ankle boots or solid black sneakers and black socks.

SPRINTER DRIVER should bring a pair of khaki pants, dark blue/black pants. Also a white short sleeve tee shirt and a pair of black socks. We will give you a uniform shirt.

CONFEDERATE RE-ENACTORS We are pleased that you will be joining us and know that you have all of your own authentic costuming. We would ask that you focus on bringing military uniforms if you have them, as they will speak more to the setting and the episode that we are shooting. Thanks so much.

Thanks in advance to everyone for coming and for reading this and bringing all the right stuff. Have a great weekend. We look forward to seeing you on the set!!

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