Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello everyone. Following you will find the description of the things that we would like you to bring for your work as BG players tomorrow, 10/25.

We are playing the current weather/season of Fall. The color palette should reflect this.
We would also not mind seeing some of the muted, softer colors of Spring. Please, none of the overly bright, saturated colors of Summer. Also, please refrain from bringing clothing with large noticeable logos and/or artwork.

MALE AND FEMALE NEIGHBORS should all bring casual clothing choices to include jeans, khakis, cargo pants, skirts, long sleeve button front and pullover shirts/blouses, cardigans and light weight pullover sweaters, light weight jackets. Don't forget the shoes appropriate for your choices. Ladies, the jewelry should be simple. Men, bring some caps if you like, without logos.

Thanks in advance to everyone. We look forward to meeting you and we'll see you on the set!!

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