Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello everyone. Welcome to HOMELAND. Following you will find your instructions for tomorrow, Tuesday, 10/18.

First we are shooting a street scene with mostly drivers and then we go to the Security Bunker. All of the Drivers and Precision Drivers will be asked to bring two different sets of clothes as you will also work later in the day. The description for both will be listed below.

We are shooting the current weather, so Fall-ish. The colors should reflect the season and you may even bring some of the softer colors of Spring, just no harsh, bright colors like you would see in the Summer palette. Texture and pattern is good, just nothing too bold or busy. Please no large or obvious logos.

DRIVERS & PRECISION DRIVERS should bring choices of casual clothing to include jeans, khakis, cargo pants. Long sleeve button front and pullover shirts and blouses. Light weight jackets, hoodies, cardigans and light weight sweaters. Don't forget the shoes to go with these choices.
DRIVERS & PRECISION DRIVERS will also be asked to work later in the day as CIA types. For these roles you should bring dark business suits, light colored dress shirts/blouses and darker, simple ties. Don't forget the dress shoes and belts to go with these options.

SECRET SERVICE should bring suit choices in navy, black or grey and a white long sleeve dress shirt with a no-button collar. Dark, simple ties without a lot of pattern or detail. Dark dress shoes and dress belt to go with your suits.

CHIEF OF STAFF should bring choices of dark business suits. Lighter colored shirts like cream, tan, light blue, light grey, and muted ties to work with your suit and shirt choices. Don't forget your dress shoes and belt.

MARINE GUARDS will be given the Marine uniform by the Costume Dept. We ask that you bring a white, short sleeve, white crew neck tee shirt and black socks.

Thanks to everyone in advance for bring all the good stuff and we look forward to meeting you.
See you on the set!!

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