Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello everyone. We'll be working in two locations tomorrow. Some of you will be working at both locations. Please read and follow all directions that apply to the characters you have been told you will play.

We are in Summer in our story. We would prefer that your color choices are more muted and soft like the colors of Spring. Nothing too bright or primary when it comes to color. Texture and pattern are good just nothing too bold or busy.

VP AIDE, DC POLITICIANS, ON AIR REPORTERS should all bring choices of conservative business dress to include:

business suits, shirts/blouses & ties
sport coats/blazers
appropriate dress shoes
simple, subtle jewelry

STILL PHOTOGRAPHERS, CAMERAMEN should bring choices of dark casual clothing to include dark jeans, cargo pants, slacks, long and short sleeve casual shirts, long and short sleeve pullover shirts without logos, light weight jackets and hoodies. This is a layered look.

DC COPS will be given a uniform by the costume department. Please bring a pair of black socks and a white, crew neck tee shirt. Also please bring a pair of black ankle boots or solid black sneakers.

SECRET SERVICE All Secret Service who worked on Wed & Thurs of this week must bring exactly what you wore on those days. If any portion of your costume was given to you by the costume dept, we will match that. Exactly means exactly! The same shirt, not just a white shirt.
If you have not worked as Secret Service yet this week please bring the following:

dark suit, preferably black, grey or navy
white long sleeve dress shirt
dark ties with very subtle color and pattern
black socks and black dress shoes and belt.

Thanks to everyone in advance for bringing the right stuff. We look forward to seeing you on the set!!

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